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Why Did UK Global Airlines Buy An Airbus A380? what is the latest business strategy?

Why Global Airlines Has Purchased An Airbus A380?

A brand-new long-distance airline based in the UK, Global Airlines, has announced the purchase of its first Airbus A380 from Doric Aviation. By the spring of 2024, Global Airlines have its first transatlantic flights.

Doric claims to have 14 A380s on its roster, 13 of which are operated by Emirates and one of which is currently being remarketed, or leased to a new operator. It claims to be the only new airline in eight years to have a double-decker superjumbo on its fleet.


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In the upcoming months, Global Airlines anticipates acquiring three more A380s. It plans to start operating flights from London to New York and Los Angeles in the coming spring. This will challenge it against legacy carriers such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, as well as Norwegian low-cost carrier Norse, which launched a service between London Gatwick and New York in August.


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The A380 was purchased by Global Airlines for a price still unknown, which is believed to be in the eight-figure area. This move shows the airline’s commitment to acquiring top-notch assets and making an investment in its future success. The airline’s formal launch is anticipated to take place this summer, at which point it will define its passenger pitch, a number of special industry relationships, future route networks, and growth objectives.