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Hamad International airport baggage rules 2024

Hamad International airport baggage rules 2024

Traveling through airports can be an exhilarating experience, filled with anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead. However, one aspect that often requires careful consideration is navigating the baggage rules and regulations set forth by each airport.

Hamad International Airport, commonly known as HIA, serves as a gateway to the Middle East and beyond, boasting world-class facilities and a reputation for excellence in customer service.


Ensuring a smooth and seamless travel experience involves familiarity with the airport’s baggage policies, covering aspects such as size, weight, and prohibited items. In this article, we will delve into the essential baggage rules at Hamad International Airport, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate this travel hub with confidence and ease.

Baggage Claim: Effortless Retrieval

Upon landing, your journey at hamad international airport transitions seamlessly to the baggage claim area. Finding your allocated baggage belt is a breeze, with large information displays and dedicated screens for each belt, making it easy to locate your flight’s designated area. Utilizing the airport planner, or simply following the signs, ensures a quick and hassle-free retrieval process.


Special Considerations for Oversized, Fragile, and Pet Items

For travelers with oversized or fragile items, hamad international airport (doh) employs special conveyors (Belts A and B) strategically placed for efficient baggage handling. If you’re traveling with pets, the airline representatives personally deliver them at the baggage claim area, with the Airline Baggage Service office available for any assistance needed.

Trolleys, Porters, and Special Assistance

Navigating through the baggage claim area is made convenient with complimentary baggage trolleys. Additionally, porters are available for those who require assistance, ensuring a stress-free experience for all passengers. Notably, Al Maha customers, special assistance travelers, and unaccompanied minors receive complimentary aid with their baggage.


Prohibited Items: Know Before You Pack

To ensure a smooth passage through security checks, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items. Items such as weapons, firearms, and ammunition, as well as sharp objects with blades exceeding 6 cm in length. Explosives, incendiary substances and devices, alcoholic beverages, and narcotics are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated. A visit to the Security & Customs page provides detailed information, preventing any unwarranted inconveniences during your travels.

Lost or Damaged Baggage: Prompt Assistance

In the rare event of lost or damaged baggage, Hamad International Airport offers prompt assistance through airline representatives at information desks. Quick action ensures that passengers receive the necessary support and information to resolve any issues.



Upon arrival, passengers undergo security checks before proceeding to the baggage claim area. Prohibited items will be confiscated. The Customs process follows, with options to select the Green Channel for those with “Nothing to declare” and the Red Channel for those with specific items to declare. These items may include alcoholic beverages, currency exceeding permitted limits, and other restricted items. Clear guidance and assistance are available to help passengers navigate this process seamlessly.


For passengers departing from Hamad International Airport, a smooth departure process begins with security checks. Hand baggage is screened, and passengers are required to walk through a metal detector.



Passengers transferring through Hamad International Airport also undergo security checks for restricted items. Dedicated lanes for First and Business Class passengers expedite the process.

Stopover In Doha With Alcohol:

  1. Declare goods at Customs.
  2. If in hand luggage, security will escort you after immigration to check/deposit goods before collecting baggage.
  3. If in a suitcase, declare at the “Goods subject to Customs” on the way out.
  4. Receive a docket from the Customs agent for goods collection within 14 days.
  5. To collect goods, proceed to concourse B after check-in, immigration, and security.
  6. Follow signs to “Customs Retained Goods,” noting potential office closures during local prayer times.
  7. Present the docket to the Customs Agent. doha duty free

Note: Liquids over 100ml (LAGs) are not allowed as hand luggage on board. On US-bound flights, TSA regulations prohibit LAGs, including hand sanitizers over 100ml, which will be confiscated before boarding.