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17-Hour American Airlines Flight Fills With Sewage, Flight Attendant Use Blankets to Mop Up

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On a harrowing 16-hour flight from Delhi to New York JFK, passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 293 found themselves in the midst of an unusual and distressing situation.

Sewage leaked from lavatories, creating a challenging scenario that persisted over a 17-hour flight. Flight attendants, confronted with the unexpected crisis, resorted to using blankets to mop up the unsightly mess that flowed down the aisles of the packed Boeing 777-300 on Monday night.


Anmol Kaushik, a horrified passenger, documented the ordeal in a video shared on the social media site X, revealing wet patches visible through blankets strewn along the aisle as an improvised cleanup method. The video depicted the unsettling conditions inside the cabin, resembling a makeshift refugee camp. Additionally, a photo captured a lavatory sink filled with sewage, highlighting the extent of the challenging situation.

In his social media post, Anmol detailed the distressing experience, stating, “4 lavatories flooded with sewage in front of my seat. 10+ hours of trauma in this appalling situation. Complaints met with a generic response. Unacceptable hygiene standards.”


According to a report from View from Wing, American Airlines responded to the incident, acknowledging a “small leak” on the Boeing 777 originating from a clogged toilet during the journey from Delhi. The cleanup was conducted upon arrival at New York JFK, and the aircraft has since returned to service.

Passengers who reported the inconvenience were compensated for the disruption caused by the unexpected mid-air ordeal. The incident sheds light on the challenges and unexpected situations that can arise during long-haul flights, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards for the well-being of passengers.


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