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These are the Most On Time airlines and airports of 2023

Woman removed from Delta Airlines flight for not wearing Undergarments

In the fast-paced and intricately woven world of aviation, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Cirium proudly unveils its highly awaited report for the year 2023—’On-Time Performance: Most Punctual Airlines and Airports.’

As the foremost authority in aviation analytics, Cirium has meticulously compiled and analyzed a wealth of data to provide a comprehensive overview of the industry’s leaders in punctuality. In a landscape where operational intricacies abound, this report sheds light on the airlines and airports that have excelled in maintaining schedules and ensuring timely departures and arrivals.


In addition to receiving the Cirium Platinum Award, Delta was ranked as the most punctual airline in North America. Avianca Airlines, headquartered in Bogota, Columbia, won the coveted title of being the most punctual global airline. The winners in the other regions are Iberia Express in Europe, Copa in Latin America, Oman Air in the Middle East and Africa, and ANA in Asia Pacific. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was the best-performing airport in the world, and Safair was the top low-cost carrier.

Most punctual airlines in North America


1. Delta Air Lines: 84.72% on-time arrival; 1,635,486 total flights

2. Alaska Airlines: 82.25% on-time arrival; 404,925 total flights


3. American Airlines: 80.61% on-time arrival; 1,998,844 total flights

4. United Airlines: 80.04% on-time arrival; 1,513,432 total flights


5. Southwest Airlines: 76.26% on-time arrival; 1,459,926 total flights

Most punctual airlines in Europe


1. Iberia Express: 84.58% on-time arrival; 40,985 total flights

2. Iberia: 84.38% on-time arrival; 170,750 total flights


3. Austrian Airlines: 82.99% on-time arrival; 113,587 total flights

4. LOT Polish Airlines: 82.83% on-time arrival; 96,112 total flights


5. Norwegian Air Shuttle: 82.75% on-time arrival; 82,791 total flights

Most punctual airlines in Latin America


1. Copa Airlines: 89.46% on-time arrival; 115,657 total flights

2. Avianca Airlines: 85.73% on-time arrival; 213,039 total flights


3. Azul Airlines: 85.51% on-time arrival; 310,972 total flights

4. LATAM Airlines: 84.00% on-time arrival; 508,721 total flights


5. Caribbean Airlines: 81.73% on-time arrival; 26,644 total flights

Most punctual airlines in the Asia-Pacific


1. All Nippon Airways: 82.75% on-time arrival; 302,279 total flights

2. Japan Airlines: 82.58% on-time arrival; 308,302 total flights


3. Thai AirAsia: 82.52% on-time arrival; 113,871 total flights

4. IndiGo: 82.12% on-time arrival; 678,446 total flights


5. Air New Zealand: 79.68% on-time arrival; 175,876 total flights

Most punctual airlines in the Middle East and Africa


1. Oman Air: 92.53% on-time arrival; 45,908 total flights

2. Safair: 92.36% on-time arrival; 55,444 total flights


3. Royal Air Jordanian: 87.51% on-time arrival; 32,706 total flights

4. Qatar Airways: 85.11% on-time arrival; 183,090 total flights


5. Etihad Airways: 82.90% on-time arrival; 65,376 total flights

The top-performing global airports of 2023 were:

AirportOn-time departureOn time departureTotal flights
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP)184.44%289,817
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD)  284.42%168,426
Kempegowda International Airport (BLR)  384.08%237,461
El Dorado International Airport (BOG)    484.01%292,486
Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)  583.99%226,705