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American Airlines Launches 8 New Winter Routes to Latin America &Caribbean

American Airlines Launches 8 New Winter Routes to Latin America &Caribbean

As summer begins, travellers can start thinking ahead to their winter getaway by choosing from a wider range of American Airlines destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America.

With eight new routes and greater service starting in the winter of 2024, American will have more flights to more destinations in the region than any other U.S. carrier. This will further strengthen its industry-leading short-haul international network.

This winter, American will expand its network by adding seven new routes and adding service to one new destination, giving travellers the opportunity to visit both well-known and smaller places.

American Airlines is the only major American airline that flies to La Romana, Dominican Republic (LRM), and it is the only airline that serves St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVD). These two locations join more than 20 others in the area where American is the only major carrier offering nonstop service from the United States.

Departure AirportArrival AirportService NotesAircraft Type
Charlotte (CLT)St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVD)New Saturday-only service starting Dec. 7Boeing 737
Miami (MIA)La Romana, Dominican Republic (LRM)New daily service starting Dec. 5Airbus A319
New York (JFK)Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI)New daily service starting Nov. 5Boeing 737
JFKSt. Lucia (UVF)New Saturday-only service starting Dec. 7Boeing 737
JFKSt. Maarten (SXM)New Saturday-only service starting Dec. 7Airbus A319
JFKSVDNew Saturday-only service starting Dec. 7Boeing 737
Philadelphia (PHL)BGINew Saturday-only service starting Nov. 9Airbus A321
PHLLiberia, Costa Rica (LIR)New Saturday-only service starting Dec. 7Boeing 737

American will provide extended seasons on several routes to the Caribbean and Latin America, giving consumers more options to schedule their winter excursions whenever they want to. The airline will run over 98% of its peak schedule to the area during the whole winter season. Beginning in December, American will expand service on sixteen popular routes.


Which U.S. Airlines Offer the Most and Least Legroom for 2024?

Which U.S. Airlines Offer the Most and Least Legroom for 2024?

Embarking on a journey through the skies is an exciting adventure, but for many travelers, the quest for comfort is an essential aspect of the flying experience. Legroom, the often-overlooked metric that can make or break your in-flight comfort, varies significantly among U.S. airlines.

In a recent study conducted by Upgraded Points, we explored the economy seat pitch across the 10 busiest domestic flight routes, shedding light on the legroom provided by major carriers.

Most Legroom Airlines

Leading the pack with the most generous legroom is JetBlue Airways, offering an average of 32.3 inches of space. This extra room can make a significant difference on longer flights, providing passengers with a more comfortable journey.

Close behind is Southwest Airlines, where passengers enjoy 31.8 inches of legroom. Known for its customer-friendly policies and open seating, Southwest’s ample legroom adds to its appeal.

Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines both provide an average of 31.0 inches of legroom. These airlines offer a balance of comfort and service, making them popular choices for domestic travel.

Least Legroom Airlines

At the other end of the spectrum, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines offer the least legroom, with an average of just 28.0 inches. These ultra-low-cost carriers often sacrifice space to maximize the number of seats, which can lead to a less comfortable experience, especially on longer flights.

Hawaiian Airlines provides slightly more room, with an average of 29.0 inches of legroom. While not as spacious as some other carriers, it still offers a bit more comfort compared to Spirit and Frontier.

United Airlines and American Airlines offer moderate legroom, with 30.1 inches and 30.2 inches respectively. While not the most spacious, they provide a middle ground between the ultra-low-cost carriers and the airlines with the most generous legroom.

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Turkish Airlines Expands U.S Network to 20 Destinations

Turkish Airlines Expands U.S Network to 20 Destinations

Turkish Airlines, renowned for its expansive global network, currently flies to more countries than any other carrier worldwide.

Recently, the airline has expanded its reach in the United States, bringing the total number of destinations served to 14. With the recent addition of Denver and Dallas, the airline is now setting its sights on further expansion.

In a recent interview, Turkish Airlines Chairman telegraphed the next four U.S. cities that are in their crosshairs: Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orlando, and Minneapolis. These additions will join an already impressive roster that includes Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New York JFK, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington Dulles.

As of now, Turkish Airlines operates flights to 14 destinations across the United States. The confirmed destinations include Atlanta (ATL), Boston (BOS), Chicago (ORD), Dallas (DFW), Denver (DEN), Detroit (DTW), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), New York (JFK), Newark (EWR), San Francisco (SFO), Seattle (SEA), and Washington (IAD).

Bolat, in his interview, indicated that Turkish Airlines plans to eventually serve 20 destinations in the United States. The proposed new routes to Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orlando, and Minneapolis would bring the total to 18, suggesting there are two additional cities potentially on the horizon.

However, it’s important to note that flights from Minneapolis and Orlando directly to Istanbul are not imminent, as the airline has not yet made any official announcements, and ticket sales have not commenced. Additionally, representatives from Minneapolis airport have not commented on the possibility of nonstop service to Istanbul.

The airline’s ambitious expansion plans are supported by the acquisition of numerous additional widebody planes over the next few years, necessitating new destinations to deploy these aircraft. Turkish Airlines’ strategy appears to be targeting major American Airlines hubs, ensuring a strong presence across key U.S. cities.

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Air India Fined Rs 1 Lakh for Providing Faulty Seats to Passenger

Air India Fined Rs 1 Lakh for Providing Faulty Seats to Passenger

In an unfortunate travel experience, Retired Admiral Anil Kumar Saxena faced significant discomfort on a round-trip flight from Delhi to Toronto with Air India. Despite paying a substantial amount for his premium return flight, Saxena encountered malfunctioning seats on both legs of his journey.

Saxena’s ordeal began on his outbound flight from Delhi to Toronto, where his premium seat failed to recline properly. The airline crew attempted to fix the seat, but the technician responsible for repairs was asleep for three hours. After an hour of unsuccessful attempts, Saxena was relocated to another seat, which he found unsatisfactory given the high price he had paid.

The troubles persisted on Saxena’s return flight from Toronto to Delhi on June 24, 2023. The controls for his business class seat were non-functional, forcing him to sit awkwardly for over 14 hours. This caused him significant discomfort, including backache, sleeplessness, and fatigue.

After receiving no response to his complaints via email, Saxena sent a formal notice to Air India on August 28, 2023, requesting a refund and compensation. air india acknowledged the inconvenience and offered Rs 1.18 lakh in non-transferable travel vouchers (75 percent of the ticket value) and an additional Rs 10,000 for the return journey. Saxena rejected this offer, seeking a full refund and additional compensation for mental agony and litigation costs.

Saxena subsequently filed a suit in the South Mumbai district consumer disputes redressal commission. He demanded a refund of Rs 2,36,000 with 18 percent annual interest from the payment date, along with Rs 1,00,000 for mental agony and Rs 50,000 for litigation costs.

The commission found Air India guilty of providing deficient service and practising unfair trade practices. They ordered the airline to pay Rs 80,000 for mental agony and Rs 20,000 for litigation costs within 30 days. The commission acknowledged Saxena’s significant discomfort due to the defective seats and Air India’s negligence, mandating the compensation for the distress and inconvenience caused.

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