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Aeroflot expects passenger traffic to grow 4% in 2024

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According to Sergei Aleksandrovsky, CEO of Aeroflot, the Russian airline anticipates its passenger traffic to increase by more than 4% to at least 47 million in 2024.

“The base case [passenger] count for 2023 was 43 million.” By the halfway point of the year, we realized we could increase, so we amended it to 45 million. At least 47 million passengers are the goal for the upcoming year, Aleksandrovsky said reporters at the Eastern Economic Forum.


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Like this year, the airline anticipates that passenger volume will be split 80% domestically and 20% internationally. When asked how much passenger traffic the airline expects to see in September, Aleksandrovsky responded, “No lower than June figures.”


In addition, Aleksandrovsky predicted that before the year is over, ticket prices won’t alter significantly. “At the moment, airfares have largely stabilized as a result of aircraft leaving the peak travel period. We definitely don’t anticipate any big departures until the end of the year,” he added.

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Aleksandrovsky stated that growth next year ‘is predicted at the level of inflation taking into consideration the base reached in 2023 if there is not any significant development of other expenses – kerosene, airport fees, a spike in leasing rates, and so on.