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Air India Fined Rs 1 Lakh for Providing Faulty Seats to Passenger

Air India Alters Elderly Couple's US Flights Without Notice

In an unfortunate travel experience, Retired Admiral Anil Kumar Saxena faced significant discomfort on a round-trip flight from Delhi to Toronto with Air India. Despite paying a substantial amount for his premium return flight, Saxena encountered malfunctioning seats on both legs of his journey.

Saxena’s ordeal began on his outbound flight from Delhi to Toronto, where his premium seat failed to recline properly. The airline crew attempted to fix the seat, but the technician responsible for repairs was asleep for three hours. After an hour of unsuccessful attempts, Saxena was relocated to another seat, which he found unsatisfactory given the high price he had paid.

The troubles persisted on Saxena’s return flight from Toronto to Delhi on June 24, 2023. The controls for his business class seat were non-functional, forcing him to sit awkwardly for over 14 hours. This caused him significant discomfort, including backache, sleeplessness, and fatigue.

After receiving no response to his complaints via email, Saxena sent a formal notice to Air India on August 28, 2023, requesting a refund and compensation. air india acknowledged the inconvenience and offered Rs 1.18 lakh in non-transferable travel vouchers (75 percent of the ticket value) and an additional Rs 10,000 for the return journey. Saxena rejected this offer, seeking a full refund and additional compensation for mental agony and litigation costs.


Saxena subsequently filed a suit in the South Mumbai district consumer disputes redressal commission. He demanded a refund of Rs 2,36,000 with 18 percent annual interest from the payment date, along with Rs 1,00,000 for mental agony and Rs 50,000 for litigation costs.

The commission found Air India guilty of providing deficient service and practising unfair trade practices. They ordered the airline to pay Rs 80,000 for mental agony and Rs 20,000 for litigation costs within 30 days. The commission acknowledged Saxena’s significant discomfort due to the defective seats and Air India’s negligence, mandating the compensation for the distress and inconvenience caused.



Why We Should Avoid These Stamps in a Passport

Why We Should Avoid These Stamps in a Passport

Traveling the world is an exhilarating experience, filled with unforgettable moments and cherished memories.

Many globetrotters love to collect souvenirs as mementos of their adventures, and one such popular keepsake is the novelty stamp from tourist attractions. These stamps are often found at parks, temples, and historic sites, offered by vendors for a small fee.

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While these souvenir stamps might seem like a harmless addition to your travel memorabilia, marking your passport with them can have serious consequences.


Defacing an Official Document

Your passport is an official government document, and any non-official markings on it can be considered defacement. Collecting souvenir stamps in your passport is technically altering it, which can render it void. This is not just a trivial matter; an immigration official could refuse to admit you into their country if they believe the document is invalid. The consequences of defacing a passport can be severe, potentially leading to detention or legal action.

Potential Entry Denial

Immigration officials are trained to scrutinize passports for validity and authenticity. Any unofficial stamps or markings can raise red flags, causing them to question the integrity of your document. While the chances of being denied entry due to a novelty stamp are minimal, the risk is still present. A particularly strict border worker could deem your passport defaced and deny you entry into their country, disrupting your travel plans significantly.

Visa Issues

Similarly, unofficial stamps in your passport can cause issues when applying for visas. Consulates and embassies examine passports carefully when processing visa applications. Any alterations, including souvenir stamps, might lead to your visa application being rejected. This can be particularly problematic if you are on a tight schedule or have already made travel arrangements.

Running Out of Pages

Another practical consideration is the limited number of pages in your passport. The U.S. no longer issues extra pages for passports, so if you run out of space, you will need to order a new one, even if it hasn’t expired yet. Filling your passport with unofficial stamps means you are wasting valuable space that could be used for official stamps and visas. This could result in having to spend money on obtaining a new passport sooner than necessary.


A Better Alternative: Travel Journals

Instead of risking the validity of your passport, consider keeping a travel journal for your souvenir stamps. A journal dedicated to your travel memories allows you to collect all the novelty stamps you desire without any risk. It also offers a creative and personalized way to document your adventures, alongside notes, sketches, and other keepsakes.

Many travelers find that keeping a separate notebook for souvenir stamps works out great. It becomes a unique and special keepsake that you can look back on with fond memories. Plus, it ensures that your official documents remain unaltered and valid for all your future travels.

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