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Internet-Inspired Packing Trick Results in Passenger banned from flight

Internet-Inspired Packing Trick Results in Passenger banned from flight

Passengers boarding flights face bans due to a viral packing trick causing uproar among holidaymakers. As summer travel gears up, UK travelers are cautioned against this risky maneuver.

At Orlando International Airport, a man’s attempt at the viral “pillowcase hack” to skirt baggage fees led to his detention. This involves stuffing clothes into a pillowcase to dodge extra carry-on charges. The incident unfolded at gate 17, escalating when airport security intervened and summoned law enforcement.

@natashaorganic shared the scene on TikTok, where it quickly gained traction. Natasha captures the passenger disputing with airport staff, warning viewers against blind reliance on social media hacks.

Natasha recounts the standoff, where the man claimed his pillowcase was just that—a pillowcase—despite containing clothing. Despite being given a chance to pay, he delayed until the last minute, even attempting to board forcibly.


With tensions rising, airport security had no choice but to involve the police. Eventually, the man was escorted away, leaving onlookers disconcerted. “Stop listening to the internet,” Natasha stresses, underscoring the cautionary tale.

The viral video sparked widespread reactions online, with users expressing disbelief at the man’s actions. One commenter emphasized the gravity of airport conduct, noting the risks of felonies and being added to the no-fly list. Another echoed the sentiment, highlighting the consequences of jeopardizing travel privileges.



Air India to Expand US Operations with Three New Routes After a Decade

Air India Flight AI183 Forced to Divert to Russia for the Second Time

After nearly a decade, Air India is poised to reestablish its presence in the American market with the introduction of new destinations in the United States.

According to reliable sources, the airline is preparing to launch direct flights to Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas, tapping into the substantial Indian diaspora in these megacities. Currently, Air India operates more than 120 flights per week between India and the US, serving as a vital link for travelers on both sides.

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The airline’s expansion plans reflect a strategic move to cater to the high demand for direct connections from the diaspora market. “Plans are being prepared to expand our services to LA and Dallas. There is a large Indian diaspora in the vicinity of these two megacities and no direct flight connections from there to India,” sources told Financial Express.

The anticipated launch of these new routes is slated for before the end of 2024. Air India plans to deploy its fleet of Boeing 777s to service these destinations, ensuring passengers experience the airline’s renowned hospitality and efficient service.


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Based on research and Cirium data, these new routes will become the third and fourth longest non-stop flights from India, following the Mumbai (BOM)-San Francisco (SFO) and Bengaluru (BLR)-SFO routes.

Further enhancing its long-haul capabilities, Air India eventually plans to introduce its Airbus A350s for flights to continental North America. Initially, the A350-900 will replace the Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner on the Delhi-London Heathrow route starting September 1.

In addition to its, Air India is set to commence non-stop services between Bengaluru and London Gatwick (LGW) next month. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, featuring 18 business class and 238 economy seats, will operate this route, offering passengers a comfortable and direct connection between these two dynamic cities.

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