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Which U.S. Airlines Offer the Most and Least Legroom?

Which U.S. Airlines Offer the Most and Least Legroom?

Embarking on a journey through the skies is an exciting adventure, but for many travelers, the quest for comfort is an essential aspect of the flying experience. Legroom, the often-overlooked metric that can make or break your in-flight comfort, varies significantly among U.S. airlines.

In a recent study conducted by Upgraded Points, we explored the economy seat pitch across the 10 busiest domestic flight routes, shedding light on the legroom provided by major carriers.


The full ranking for the airline seat legroom is:

  1. 1.JetBlue – 32.3 inches
  2. 2. Southwest Airlines – 32 inches
  3. 3. Alaska Airlines/Delta Air Lines – 31.8 inches
  4. 4. American Airlines – 31 inches
  5. 5. United Airlines – 30.2 inches
  6. 6. Hawaiian Airlines – 30.1 inches
  7. 7. Frontier Airlines/Spirit Airlines – 28

JetBlue Airways emerges as the undisputed leader in legroom, boasting an impressive average seat pitch of 32.3 inches. With a modern fleet featuring spacious Airbus A320 and A321 models, JetBlue takes the crown for providing passengers with an exceptionally comfortable journey.

Not far behind, Southwest Airlines secures a close second place, offering a generous 31.8 inches of legroom. Known for its dedication to passenger comfort and traveler-friendly policies, Southwest remains a popular choice for those seeking an all-around comfortable flying experience.


Tied for the third position are Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines, both delivering a commendable 31.0 inches of legroom. These airlines not only demonstrate that comfort can coexist with extensive travel options but also showcase a commitment to providing a satisfying in-flight experience.

American Airlines strikes a balance with 30.2 inches of seat pitch, offering space efficiency without compromising passenger convenience. Meanwhile, United Airlines provides a comfortable experience with 30.1 inches of legroom, serving its extensive network of flights.


Hawaiian Airlines, with 29.0 inches of space, may offer slightly less legroom, but its commitment to keeping access to the stunning Hawaiian islands affordable remains noteworthy. Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines, known for their ultra-low-cost travel model, both offer an average seat pitch of 28.0 inches, emphasizing affordability over extensive legroom.