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These are Europe’s Top10 Worst Airports for Wait Times in 2023

Unrevealing the Europe's Top10 Worst Airports for Wait Times in 2023

Airports are often considered to be the gateways to the world, connecting people to new experiences, cultures, and destinations. They are bustling hubs of activity, where the excitement of embarking on a journey mingles with the anticipation of reuniting with loved ones. However, not all airports manage to live up to these expectations.

In a recent survey conducted by Casago, placed the spotlight on some of the Europe’s most dreadful airport experiences. Casago looked examined customer evaluations from, where each reviewer rated the queueing times from 1 to 5 stars, to determine which airports have the best and worst queueing times.


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Based on identifying the home country of each reviewer and ranking countries according to the lowest percentage of reviews that are 4 or 5 stars, the study also reveals which nationalities complain the most about airport queues.

Courtesy: Casago

Grenoble Alpes Isère Airport (1.59%) in France is Europe’s – and the world’s – worst airport for queuing. The airport’s passenger traffic is primarily made up of people looking for winter activities. However, the popularity of the skiing season results in congested airports and long waits.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport, in Germany, came in second place with 5.73%. Three UK airports also receive the lowest ratings for airport queues on the continent, despite the fact that it is a universal truth that the British enjoy a good queue. One of them is London Stansted Airport (8,88%), which appears to still have queuing issues after building a new arrivals facility for £130 million in 2020 to reduce congestion.

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Grenoble Alpes Isère Airport is the worst of all, with only 1.59% of evaluations receiving four or five stars, followed by Bordeaux Airport (7.01%), and Paris-Beauvais Airport (8.77%). One of three airports serving the City of Light is Paris-Beauvais Airport. BVA, which derives its name from the neighbouring town of Beauvais, is located around 50 miles outside of Paris, which results in even longer transfer times.