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ThinkYoung and Boeing Launch First Coding School for Displaced Ukrainian Teenagers in Gdańsk

The first coding school for teenage Ukrainians began classes today thanks to ThinkYoung and Boeing

The first coding school for teenage Ukrainians began classes today thanks to ThinkYoung and Boeing. Today’s opening ceremony at the Boeing office in Gdask was sponsored by ThinkYoung founder and CEO Andrea Gerosa, Boeing International President Sir Michael Arthur, Boeing Poland Managing Director Rafa Stepnowski, Boeing Engineering Technology Center leader Iryna Bielienko, and Boeing’s Ukraine team. Piotr Borawski, the vice-mayor of Gdask, and they welcomed the first group of students to the coding academy.

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During the next three weeks, classes of 20 to 40 teenagers aged 13-18 years will participate in two-day seminars. While the majority of program participants are Ukrainian, the program is also open for children with other nationalities.

In addition to coding skills, the seminars will also introduce participants to emotional intelligence, a competency that is equally important in a modern work environment. The training – 100% free of charge – is characterized by its innovative approach in a non-formal educational setting, addressing the real needs of both the youth of today and the skills required by the industry.


Since 2016, ThinkYoung and Boeing have introduced more than 900 teenagers to coding. Around the world, 15 editions of the Coding School have taken place so-far.

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The ThinkYoung Coding School is one of many Boeing community engagement initiatives across the world. Since 2018, Boeing has invested more than €5.9 million for pan-European STEM projects.

The Boeing company committed €2 million in emergency assistance funding to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Boeing employees have contributed more than €1 million in donations to charitable organizations supporting those affected.