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The CEO of Airbus questioned the safety of Airbus aircraft operations in Russia.

The CEO of #Airbus has issued a safety alert on Russian airlines operating without the required upkeep or spare parts.

Aeroflot launches flights from Saint Petersburg to Istanbul and Antalya

While engaging in aggressive behavior toward Ukraine, Russia has come under sanctions from numerous foreign allies, including the US and EU. As a result, Russia is having a lot of trouble maintaining its aviation sector. The country’s biggest airlines operate Airbus and Boeing aircraft, which are problematic to operate because their manufacturers don’t provide any maintenance.

Since it carries numerous passengers on aircraft and prioritizes safety for all of them, the aerospace sector is particularly sensitive.


Russia prohibits its pilots from working for foreign airlines.(Opens in a new browser tab)

The CEO of Airbus expressed concerns about the operation of their aircraft without technical help.

According to a story from Business Insider, the CEO of Airbus is worried about Russian airlines flying without the necessary maintenance. The CEO of Airbus has issued a safety alert on Russian airlines operating without the required upkeep or spare parts. It suggested that by transporting them without enough technical support, they are pushing the passengers into danger.


Russia wants to construct about 1000 planes by 2030.

Moscow is taking steps to evade the sanctions by reducing its reliance on Western technology. By 2030, Rostec, a state-owned technology company, plans to build 1,000 airplanes with internal components, according to a September interview with Reuters. Prior to the start of the Ukraine war, 95% of the passenger traffic in Russia was carried by airplanes purchased from Western industrial behemoths Boeing and Airbus.

Russia accidently shoots down its own Rs 320 Crore Sukhoi fighter jet during Ukraine raids: Report(Opens in a new browser tab)


How does Russia manage the operations of Airbus and Boeing airplanes?

An enormous issue for the nation, which greatly relies on imports of technology, is the collapse of imports into the country as a result of sanctions on Russia, particularly those of airplanes and their spare parts. There is speculation that some of the parts are locally produced and/or imported from the Chinese region, but they are managing parts by peeling off the unusable airplane parts and using them.

Russian Aeroflot Airlines began operating internationally.

One of the largest airlines in Russia is Aeroflot. As demand for air travel in Russia increases, the airline, which is supported by all available options, recently announced the launch of service from Moscow to various countries in the Middle East as well as Sri Lanka, Colombo, and Goa, India. Finding every available aerospace access is necessary for Aeroflot to operate.


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