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These are Europe’s Top10 best Airports for Wait Times in 2023

These are Europe's Top10 best Airports for Wait Times in 2023

Airports can be a stressful experience for travelers, with huge queues and extended wait times becoming the norm. However, by 2023, certain European airports have made significant advances towards alleviating this difficulty, putting passenger satisfaction and efficient processes first.

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These airports have managed to make the waiting game a seamless and even fun part of the journey, thanks to cutting-edge technology and expedited security processes. In this article, we’ll look at the top ten European airports with the best wait times, making travel not only more efficient but also more enjoyable for everyone.

In a recent survey conducted by Casago, placed the spotlight on the some of Europe’s best airport experiences. Casago looked examined customer evaluations from, where each reviewer rated the queueing times from 1 to 5 stars, to determine which airports have the best and worst queueing times.


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Courtesy: Casago

The top airport in Europe for Queing is Belgrade Airport in Serbia, where 66.67% of travelers rank the Queuing times as 4 or 5 stars. ACI Europe recognized the airport as Europe’s best for Quality of service in 2021. Despite the recent claims that Belgrade Airport is “still struggling with long lines,” when it comes to passenger complaints reviews¬†and wait times, the Serbian airport is considered the best in Europe.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport, in Finland, came in second place with 63.22%, followed by Stuttgart airport in Germany (61.90%), Malta International Airport (60.00%) and Porto Airport in Portugal (58.82%).