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Russia produce 1000 new aircraft by 2030.

Russia prohibits its pilots from working for foreign airlines.

Russian producers are ready to provide more than 1000 domestically produced aircraft to the nation’s airlines by 2030. Denis Manturov, the country’s minister of trade and industry, declared.

The information was revealed by Manturov in a speech at the Petersburg International Economic Forum, according to the Russian state news agency TASS reports.
“The companies in the aviation industry demonstrated the capability of delivering over a thousand aircraft by 2030 to accommodate the expectations of civil aviation while substituting Russian-produced components for those made abroad and upgrading production where needed,” Manturov said.


142 Sukhoi SSJ New, 270 Irkut MC-21, 70 Il-114-300, 70 Tu-214, and 12 Il-96-300 aircraft will be delivered, according to Manturov. There will be deliveries of an undetermined number of TVRS-4 Ladoga, L-410, and LMS-901 Baikal regional aircraft.

Due to extensive sanctions against Russia, the United States and Europe last year prevented the supply of Airbus and Boeing aircraft to that country as well as any ongoing leasing agreements. They also refused to offer technical maintenance services.


Although the manufacturers have previously published at least part of the statistics Manturov disclosed, they also don’t correspond with the anticipated output levels for the Russian-made engines.



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