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IndiGo Unveils Premium Seating Plans and Loyalty Programme 

IndiGo's Plan to Lease 20 Aircraft for Enhanced Operations

In an effort to attract more business travelers and compete with Air India on international routes, IndiGo, the biggest airline in India, may soon be dropping its one-size-fits-all business model in favor of a premium class with larger seats and benefits like hot food and a loyalty programme.

IndiGo intends to equip 35 Airbus A321 aircraft with a premium cabin featuring eight rows of seats, two on each side, in a dual-class configuration. The report also stated that the finalized prices for these premium seats have not yet been announced.


Eight rows with extra legroom seating will be installed, according report, giving passengers 36 inches of space to spread out or work comfortably. With three seats on each side, IndiGo’s Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft have an average seat pitch of thirty inches.

According to the report, passengers who pay more will benefit from priority boarding, free in-flight meals, and more freedom to modify their schedule. With a 60% market share in the country, IndiGo has maintained its profitability in an industry where numerous airlines have failed due to overspending. It is currently aiming to take the lead in the international market as well.


In addition, IndiGo is getting ready to launch the Airbus A321 XLR, which will begin arriving in the fleet in 2025, and expand its flight range. With those, the airline hopes to grow into European markets where flights can last up to seven hours.