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How the Comac C919 similar from the A320 and B737 Max.

Comac C919 China is now prepared for flight. It recently acquired a certificate of airworthiness from China’s aviation authority.

How the Comac C919 similar from the A320 and B737 Max.

The brand-new locally produced aircraft from Comac C919 China is now prepared for flight. It recently acquired a certificate of airworthiness from China’s aviation authority.

However, this is now going to compete in the market with the Boeing 737 Max 7 and the Airbus A320 Neotype of aircraft. China began this program in 2008, and its first flight took place in 2017.


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Despite relying on Western technology at the moment, Comac has constructed a successful structure, but this aircraft has The American company CFM international engine is responsible for making its engine. Additionally, it has some avionics that partially Westen technology.


The C919 aircraft can carry 168 passengers in a standard single class, compared to 195 for the Airbus A320 Neo and 210 for the Boeing 737 Max 8.

  • Single class
  • C919 – 168 seats
  • A320 – 195 seats
  • 737 max – 210 seats

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  • Payload
  • A320 – 20,000 kg
  • C919 – 20,400 kg
  • B737 max 20,800 kg

A payload of up to 20 tonnes can be carried by an A320, up to 20 tonnes by a C919, and up to 20 800 kg by a Boeing 737 MAX.

  • Range
  • C919 – 4,075 km
  • A320 – 6,500 km
  • B737 max – 6,750 km

The range of the C919 is up to 4,075 km, compared to 6,500 km for the Airbus A320 Neo and 6,750 km for the Boeing 737 Max.

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  • Engine
  • C919 – CFM Leaf 1C
  • A320 – CFM Leaf 1A
  • B737 max – CFM Leaf 1B

The C919 is equipped with a CFM leap 1c engine, however, a new ACAE CJ-1000A engine made in China could replace it. and the CFM leap 1A engine is featured in the a320. Additionally, the Boeing Max aircraft have CFM leap 1b engines installed, which provide this aircraft’s thrust.

  • Price :
  • C919 – $99 million
  • A320 – $111 million
  • B737 max – $106 million

Nearly twice as much as the $50 million that analysts predicted, C919 is roughly $91 million. That is comparable to the cost of the Boeing 737-800 and the Airbus A320neo, which, as of 2021, are estimated to be $106 million and $111 million, respectively.

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C919 currently has the Chinese airworthiness certificate for passenger operations, but after a few more certifications are completed, it will be ready to carry passengers. Recently, COMAC demonstrated its first six aircraft lifting off and rolling while on the taxiway. It’s fantastic to see China supporting the region’s aviation demand for planes.


As of right now, Comac has received the 815 aircraft order in agreement from different Chinese and Russian airlines. The C919 aircraft’s first user is China Eastern Airlines. Additionally, it’s possible that in the next years, Nigeria would look into purchasing newly certified Chinese aircraft.

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However, the FAA from the United States and the EASA from Europe, the highest authorities on aircraft worthiness in the world, have not yet given their permission. Comac can launch in that market if it receives this approval.

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