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Garter snake causes stir aboard United Airlines jet in New Jersey

SCARY! Snake on a plane makes passengers panic onboard United airlines

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During a flight from Florida to New Jersey, a live snake unexpectedly showed up on a plane, which led to some turbulence among the business-class passengers.

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According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the harmless garter snake stowaway was identified on board United Airlines Flight 2038 from Tampa immediately after touching down on Monday afternoon at Newark Liberty International Airport.

When the jet landed, Port Authority police officers and airport animal control officers were at the gate. They removed the snake, which was later released into the wild, according to Cheryl Ann Albiez, a spokesperson for the Port Authority, in an email on Tuesday. According to her, there were no injuries, there was no impact on airport operations, and the jet later left Newark.


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In response to a question regarding the incident, a spokeswoman for United only said that crew members who were informed by passengers “called the necessary authorities to take care of the issue. None of the persons involved mentioned how the snake would have boarded a commercial airline flight.