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“First (Class) in Business” – The amazing new Qatar Airways Qsuite

10 airlines that offer five-star services

By : Qsuit Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, Home to one of the most innovative and modern fleets in the world, our spacious and comfortable seating, delectable cuisine and extensive entertainment options, make flying with us a truly remarkable experience.


And now, exclusive to Qatar Airways Business Class, we introduce a new level of innovation.

Pure privacy

Welcoming the new standard of Business Class. Our journeys have always been exclusive, but now – with the introduction of our first-ever Business Class suites with doors we have created an experience that redefines your expectations. Your suite offers ambient mood lighting, fully lie-flat beds and generous storage space, creating a new standard in comfort.


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A class of its own

Our first-ever cabin to offer aft and forward-facing seats, takes cabin innovation to an entirely new level, thanks to its quad configuration.

Cabin interiors are designed in our signature colours of burgundy and grey, enhanced with elegant and warm rose gold detailing. Our seats have been thoughtfully dressed in the latest and finest fabrics, to optimise your every comfort. The media panel also comes with an all-access power port, with USB, HDMI and NFC capabilities for your convenience.


Image result for Q suite qatar airways new first class

Image result for Q suite qatar airways new first class

A new way to fly

Introducing the quad, a private space fully adaptable to you and your companions’ requirements.

Whether travelling with family, friends, or business colleagues, movable panels will allow you to transform your space into a social area, allowing you to work, dine or socialise at 40,000 feet. And when you wish to relax or sleep, we transform your space back into your own private room for the ultimate in privacy and comfort. It’s Business Class like never before.

 Image result for Q suite qatar airways new first class
Image result for Q suite qatar airways new first class

A restful journey

Our first fully lie-flat double bed promises you and your travel companion the ultimate journey in Business Class.

Our bespoke turn down service complete with pillows, a quilted mattress and a soft, plush duvet is now complemented by The White Company sleepwear and slippers*  to further  enhance your quality of sleep. Our suites feature doors and a Do Not Disturb indicator, so your slumber is guaranteed to be uninterrupted.

*For long-haul night flights and ultra long-haul flights only


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Outstanding service

Flying to more than 150 destinations around the globe, experience our award-winning hospitality and standard of care.With service based upon world-renowned Arabian hospitality, our cabin crew anticipate your needs on each and every journey.Made up of 125 nationalities, discover why our crew has been voted the Best in the Middle East by 18 million passengers.*

*Best Airline Staff Service in the Middle East, Skytrax Awards 2016.


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Leaving our mark on the remarkable

Your well-being is important to us and so our amenities have been handpicked to enhance your travel experience and ensure that you arrive fresh at your destination.

To create an amenity kit with a range of skin care products and in-flight necessities that are designed exclusively for you, we have partnered with two Italian luxury brands BRIC’s and Castello Monte Vibiano.




These are the 5 oldest airlines Still Operating in the World

These are the 5 oldest airlines Still Operating in the World

The history of aviation is an exciting adventure formed by the pioneering efforts of several individuals and organizations. The world’s oldest airlines, which have played a vital role in establishing the global travel sector, are among these trailblazers.

In this article, we will explore the five oldest airlines still in operation today, highlighting their remarkable journeys and enduring legacies in the world of aviation.

Finnair modifies ten of its A350s to carry more customers and cargo

1. Finnair:

Founded: November 1, 1923
 Headquarters:  Vantaa, Finland
 Primary Hub(s): Helsinki Airport
 Fleet Size: 84
 Destinations: 132

As a pioneer in European aviation, Finnair, founded in 1923, Marked its remarkable centennial milestone on November 1, 2023. Being among the oldest airlines in Europe, Finnair has witnessed many changes over the past 100 years, going from a small regional airline with few routes to a global leader in both air travel and hospitality.

Finnair’s adaptability has been demonstrated by its ability to quickly adjust to recent geopolitical developments and continue providing clients with exceptional service in its distinctive Nordic manner, even as it expands its services to North America and Southeast Asia.

Qantas says cost to fly may rise, Due to Soaring Jet Fuel Prices

2. Qantas:

 Founded: November 16, 1920
 Headquarters:  Mascot, Sydney, Australia
 Primary Hub(s): Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, and Sydney Airport
 Fleet Size: 130
 Destinations: 85

Qantas is Australia’s flag carrier and the country’s and Oceania’s largest airline in terms of fleet size, overseas flights, and international destinations. It is the second-oldest airline still in operation.

Australian carrier Qantas holds its name among the oldest airlines in the world, with its foundations dating back to November 1920. Recently On November 16, 2020, QANTAS celebrated its remarkable centenary.


3. KLM Royal Dutuch Airlines

Founded: October 7, 1919
 Headquarters:  Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands
 Primary Hub(s): Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands
 Fleet Size: 116
 Destinations: 145

KLM, officially known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, is the world’s oldest airline that is still in operation under its original name. On October 7, 1919, the company was founded. Four years ago, On 07 October 2019, KLM celebrated its remarkable centenary. As an airline from the beginning of the 20th century, it survived World War II and is currently part of the Air France-KLM company.


4. Aeroflot

Founded: February 3, 1923
 Headquarters:  Moscow, Russia
 Primary Hub(s): Sheremetyevo International Airport
 Fleet Size: 247
 Destinations: 146

Aeroflot is Russia’s national carrier and largest airline. It is also Eastern Europe’s oldest airline, having been founded in early 1923. DOBOROLET, or The Russian Society for Voluntary Air Fleet, was the airline’s original name.


Aeroflot concentrated on foreign routes out of Moscow when the airline was separated into several enterprises. In celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2023, Russian airline Aeroflot (SU) recently began a series of retro-style flights, transporting customers on a nostalgic journey through time.

5. Avianca

Founded: December 5, 1919
 Headquarters:  Bogotá, Colombia
 Primary Hub(s): El Dorado International Airport and San Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (Avianca El Salvador)
 Fleet Size: 102
 Destinations: 114


On December 5, 2019, Avianca commemorated its 100th anniversary. The airline was founded in late 1919, according to its history. After acquiring a number of airlines in nearby nations, Avianca has grown to become one of Latin America’s biggest airline groups, with a fleet of over 130 aircraft and a network of subsidiaries covering almost the entire continent.

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Rolls-Royce UltraFan Demonstrator Powers Up to Maximum Capacity

Rolls-Royce Soars to New Heights: UltraFan Technology Reaches Full Power in Groundbreaking Test

Rolls-Royce UltraFan Demonstrator Powers Up to Maximum Capacity

Rolls-Royce (LSE: RR., ADR: RYCEY) has achieved a significant milestone by successfully running its UltraFan® technology demonstrator at maximum power in Derby, UK. Notably, the initial test phase utilized 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

UltraFan team has systematically increased its power

This achievement marks a crucial step for the UltraFan demonstrator, previously tested successfully earlier this year. Subsequently, the UltraFan team has systematically increased its power, aligning with expectations. The outcomes of this test are poised to offer valuable insights and data for further analysis by Rolls-Royce teams.


The success underscores confidence in the suite of technologies developed through the UltraFan program. Affirming this capability represents a substantial advancement in enhancing the efficiency of current and future aero-engines.

UltraFan, with its 10% efficiency improvement over the Trent XWB (already the world’s most efficient large aero-engine in service), signifies a remarkable 25% efficiency gain since the inception of the first Trent engine.


Ultrafan’s Ranging from ~25,000-110,000lb thrust

Noteworthy is UltraFan’s scalable technology, ranging from ~25,000-110,000lb thrust, presenting potential applications in powering upcoming narrowbody and widebody aircraft anticipated in the 2030s.

In parallel with the UltraFan development program, Rolls-Royce has identified transferable technologies to enhance the current Trent engines. This strategic move is set to provide customers with heightened availability, reliability, and efficiency.

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A New Era for Bangalore: Eve Air Mobility and Hunch Mobility Redefine Commuting with eVTOL

A New Era for Bangalore: Eve Air Mobility and Hunch Mobility Redefine Commuting with eVTOL

In a pioneering collaboration, Eve Air Mobility (“Eve”) (NYSE: EVEX; EVEXW) and Hunch Mobility (“Hunch Mobility”), a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and Blade Air Mobility, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLDE), have unveiled plans to initiate the first electric commuter flights to Bangalore, India. This strategic announcement designates Bangalore as the inaugural city in the region to host urban air mobility flights facilitated by electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, marking a significant milestone in sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.

Key Points:

  1. Partnership Announcement:
    • Eve Air Mobility (Eve) and Hunch Mobility are collaborating to introduce electric commuter flights in Bangalore, India.
    • Bangalore will be the launch city in the region for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.
  2. Collaborative Efforts:
    • Both companies will work with local, state, and federal officials, as well as infrastructure, energy, and technology providers.
    • The goal is to establish the necessary infrastructure for the introduction of eVTOL flights in Bangalore.
  3. Urban Air Mobility in India:
    • The collaboration aims to co-create an urban air mobility ecosystem in India, addressing transportation challenges in densely populated cities.
  4. Market Significance:
    • India is identified as a crucial market for urban air mobility, offering an efficient and affordable mode of transportation to ease commuting in highly populated cities.
  5. Commitment to Sustainability:
    • The partnership emphasizes the commitment to contribute to India’s growth by reducing road congestion through eVTOL flights.
    • eVTOL flights are expected to democratize short-haul air mobility with affordable fares and zero carbon emissions.
  6. Bangalore’s Significance:
    • Bangalore, with a population of over 13 million, is chosen as the launch city due to its high population density.
    • The introduction of eVTOL flights is expected to reduce carbon footprint, noise, and flying costs.
  7. Eve’s eVTOL Features:
    • Eve’s eVTOL is 100% electric with a range of 100 kilometers (60 miles).
    • It employs a lift + cruise configuration with dedicated rotors for vertical flight and fixed wings for cruise.
  8. Pilot Project and Data Collection:
    • Eve was the first eVTOL manufacturer to announce a Letter of Intent (LOI) in India with Hunch Mobility committing to purchase 200 eVTOLs.
    • A three-month-long pilot project was conducted in Bangalore to collect data on operations and customer experiences.
  9. Economic Impact:
    • Introduction of eVTOL flights is expected to create new employment opportunities, including pilots, technicians, training, and technical services.
    • The development of necessary infrastructure is anticipated to contribute economic value to the community.
  10. Timeline for Service:
    • Eve’s eVTOL is scheduled to enter into service in 2026, offering a quick and economical transportation option in Bangalore’s urban environment.
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The total aircraft orders for Boeing and Airbus at the Dubai Airshow 2023 : Day 5

Boeing made a significant impact at the Dubai Airshow, unveiling numerous anticipated aircraft orders from various airlines. Notably, the Boeing 777X, 787, and Boeing 737 MAX received substantial orders, adding to the excitement of the event.

Meanwhile, Airbus celebrated successes as well, securing orders from Airbaltic, a valued customer that has now become one of the largest operators of Airbus A220 aircraft. Additionally, both Egyptian and Ethiopian Airlines made noteworthy commitments at the Dubai Airshow 2023 by ordering 21 Airbus A350-900 aircraft on 3rd day.


After receiving assurances from the engine manufacturer, Emirates placed new orders for A350 aircraft at the Dubai Airshow on the fourth day, despite an engine issue. Let’s delve further into these airlines and their contributions to this aviation showcase.

Boeing's Showstopper Aircraft and Green Commitment at Dubai Airshow 2023


SunExpress orders 90 aircraft.

The airline made a significant commitment by ordering up to 90 airplanes, including a mix of 737-8s and 737-10s. SunExpress, a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, has a long history of ordering from Boeing, and this new agreement includes 45 firm orders and 45 options, with 28 of them being for the MAX 8 and 17 for the MAX 10.

Emirates placed 125 aircraft order

Emirates, the world’s largest 777 operator, placed an impressive order for 125 aircraft. This order includes 35 Boeing 777-8s, 55 777-9s, and 35 787s. This substantial addition to their fleet brings Emirates’ total 777X family backlog to 205 planes.


Their relationship with Boeing dates back to 1992 when they placed their first 777 order, and they now have nearly 150 777 jets in their fleet.

Emirates also adjusted its 787 Dreamliner order book, increasing it by five 787 jets to a total of 35, while converting 30 787-9s to 20 787-8s and 10 787-10s.


Fly Dubai orders 30 aircraft.

FlyDubai diversified its fleet by ordering 30 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner jets, marking their entry into widebody aircraft operations. The airline plans to utilize the efficient 787s to open new routes and increase capacity on existing ones. FlyDubai, which currently operates a fleet consisting entirely of 737s, emphasized the significance of this $11 billion deal in supporting Dubai’s aviation hub.

Royal Jordanian orders 4 Boeing 787

Four 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft were added to Royal Jordanian’s widebody fleet, and the airline confirmed an earlier order for two more 787-9s during the Dubai Airshow, increasing its total 787-9 backlog to six.


Royal Air Maroc orders 2 Boeing 787 aircraft.

Royal Air Maroc confirmed an order for two 787-9 Dreamliners, reinforcing their commitment to expanding their widebody fleet. Currently operating nine Dreamliners, the airline values the efficiency and flexibility offered by the 787 family.

Air Lease Corp orders18 Boeing 737 max 8

In another development, EgyptAir signed a lease agreement with Air Lease Corporation for 18 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, though Boeing has yet to make an official announcement. The contract was signed with Air Lease Corporation.


SCAT Airlines orders 7 Boeing 737 MAX

It is the first airline in Central Asia to fly the 737 MAX and currently operates three 737-8 and five 737-9 airplanes. 

Ethiopian Airlines orders 31 Boeing aircraft.

Ethiopian Airlines today announced the carrier has agreed to order 11 787 Dreamliners and 20 737 MAX airplanes with an opportunity for 15 and 21 additional jets, respectively. The agreement, signed by Ethiopia’s national carrier at the Dubai Airshow, represents the largest-ever purchase of Boeing airplanes in African history.


  • -Boeing 777x family – 90 aircraft
  • -Boeing 787 family – 82 aircraft
  • -Boeing 737 Max family – 135 aircraft

Airbus reports 2022 commercial aircraft orders and deliveries


Airbaltic Orders 30 Airbus A220 Aircraft

Airbus received a substantial order from airBaltic, solidifying an agreement for 30 Airbus A220-300 aircraft, with an option for an additional 20. This positions airBaltic as a leading A220 customer in Europe and the foremost A220-300 operator globally, aligning with their goal to operate a fleet of 100 Airbus aircraft by 2030.

EGYPTAIR announces order for 10 A350-900

The airline has firmed up an agreement with Airbus to procure 10 A350-900 aircraft, each boasting a capacity of 340 seats. These aircraft come equipped with cutting-edge technologies and Rolls-Royce XWB Trent engines, known for their modern design and reduced fuel emissions and consumption. As we tackle growing demand across our network, this aircraft is the optimal choice. 


Ethiopian Airlines orders 11 A350-900 aircraft

Ethiopian Airlines in it for the long-haul: commits to a further 11 A350-900s  to be added to its existing fleet. The latest agreement takes Ethiopian Airlines’ total order book and commitment for the A350 to 33, including four A350-1000s. 

Emirates orders 15 A350-900 aircraft

Emirates has signed an order for an additional 15 A350-900s at the Dubai Airshow, taking its total order to 65 aircraft.


The A350 is the world’s most modern and efficient widebody aircraft and the long-range leader in the 300-410 seater category, flying efficiently on any sector from short-haul to ultra-long-haul routes up to 9,700nm. The first A350 is scheduled to join Emirates’ fleet in August 2024

  • – Airbus A220 – 30
  • – A350-900 – 36


Boeing and Airbus have reported positive developments in their upcoming aircraft order books, with Boeing securing a greater number of orders compared to Airbus. Boeing’s success is attributed to significant orders for its B787, 777x, and 737 Max aircraft from various stakeholders and airlines. Airbus, while facing some challenges with the A350-1000 due to engine issues that led to missed orders from Middle East customers, still received substantial orders for the A350-900 and Airbus A220 aircraft.


Both companies showcased impressive static displays and flying demonstrations of their aircraft, drawing the attention of visitors at events like the Dubai Airshow. The aerospace industry witnessed numerous Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) being signed, indicating increased collaboration and potential business opportunities. Additionally, agreements were made to explore Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) opportunities in new locations, further expanding the scope of the industry.

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Indigo’s Latest Milestone: Connecting Australia with 21 New Indian Destinations

Qantas grows codeshare network with new destination across India

Indigo Airlines is a prominent low-cost carrier in India, boasting a market share of over 50%. It holds the distinction of being the sole private airline in the country offering a wide array of international connections. Notably, it has established code-share agreements with Turkish Airlines for European and United States destinations.

Furthermore, Indigo has secured additional gate access for its flights to Australia in partnership with Qantas Airlines. Qantas, known for its full-service offerings, collaborates with Indigo to facilitate seamless travel experiences, primarily centered around routes originating from Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi.


IndiGo Expands Codeshare Agreement with Qantas, Offering Access to 4 New Australian Destinations: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane. The partnership strengthens ties between India and Australia, aligning with the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement.

IndiGo customers can now seamlessly connect to Qantas flights between Singapore and Melbourne, extending the collaboration that began in 2022, providing access to 21 destinations in India for Qantas customers flying non-stop between Australia and India


Australia with 21 New Indian Destinations

IndiGo (6E) stands as India’s largest domestic low-cost airline and maintains a codeshare partnership with Qantas. Travelers can now book flights between Australia and 21 new destinations across India, utilizing Qantas codeshare flights operated by IndiGo.

Direct flights operated by Qantas
(between Australia and India)
Qantas codeshare flights operated by Indigo
(connecting destinations in India)
Melbourne <> DelhiAhmedabad
Sydney <> Bengaluru (Bangalore)Ahmedabad

India via Indigo’s extensive route offerings

Qantas operates non-stop flights between Melbourne and Delhi, as well as between Sydney and Bengaluru (Bangalore). These key routes provide gateways to a comprehensive network of destinations throughout India via Indigo’s extensive route offerings.

For special requests and services, passengers can benefit from the following options: assistance for unaccompanied children, medical assistance, transportation of medical oxygen, stretcher transportation, traveling with a guide or service dog, carrying child seats or bassinets, and transporting battery-powered wheelchairs.


Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt travel itineraries. Qantas acknowledges the inconvenience caused by delays and missed connections and offers the essential information to help passengers manage such situations.

More details: Click



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Step-by-Step: How to Get a Russian Visa from India

Step-by-Step: How to Get a Russian Visa from India

Obtaining a Russian visa from India entails a number of procedures and requirements since the specific process varies depending on the type of visa required, the purpose of your visit, and your nationality. This is an outline of the steps and requirements for obtaining a Russian visa from India:

The application process for a Russian visa from India will vary depending on the type of permit. It is mostly available online for short-term use. The application must be made offline for long-term purposes. Also, before applying, make sure the person is qualified for the position. The following are the procedures for obtaining a visa to Russia from India:


1. You can start by filling out the Russia visa application form.
2. Confirm your email address.
3. Submit the form and attach all the required documents.
4. Attach a recent photograph.
5. Pay the required visa fees.
6. Get the permit verified.
7. You will then receive your e-visa.

There are a few more things you should do after submitting the application. You can download the relevant PDF file and check the status of your permit online. The file contains comprehensive instructions that outline when you can obtain a visa and the next steps to take.


Russia Visa Requirements

The Russian visa requirements will vary depending on the type of permit. They also differ based on the procedure used to obtain a Russian visa from India. The following are some examples of common documents:

1. E-Visa Requirements
2. Passport valid for at least 6 months ahead of travel.
3. Photo as per the photo specifications.
4. Confirmed flight tickets.
5. Travel Insurance.
6. Proof of purpose of visit – exhibition pass, hotel bookings, invitation letter, etc.


How Much fees for a Russian visa for an Indian

The payment for the Russia visa must be made at the time the documents are first submitted online. You can pay the fee using any common electronic payment method.

  1. Single entry Normal: Allows a 30-day stay within a 3-month validity period, costing ₹5,610.0.
  2. Single entry Express: Same as the normal option but processed faster, costing ₹6,970.0.
  3. Double entry Normal: Permits two entries with a 30-day stay for each within a 3-month validity, costing ₹6,426.0.
  4. Double entry Express: Similar to the double entry normal, but with faster processing, at a cost of ₹8,602.0.

How to Check Visa Status?

You can check the status of your permission online by going to the Russia e-Visa portal. You can find out the status of your visa procedure for Russia by simply entering your reference number.

Where to apply?


To obtain a visa for Russia, you must submit an online application to the Russian Federation’s Consular Department. The offline application is sent to the Russian Federation’s Consulate in Mumbai or Embassy in Delhi. There are further application options.  You can apply through a visa application center or a third party.

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