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Discover More, Earn More: American Airlines’ Enhanced AAdvantage® Program

Discover More, Earn More: American Airlines' Enhanced AAdvantage® Program

American Airlines is dedicated to providing its customers with the ultimate travel experience, offering convenience, rewards, and flexibility. Effective May 1, 2024, American Airlines is introducing updates to the AAdvantage® program, revolutionizing the way customers earn miles and Loyalty Points based on their booking methods. Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

Earning Miles and Loyalty Points:

  • Direct Bookings: Customers earn miles and Loyalty Points when booking directly with American or eligible partner airlines.
  • AAdvantage Business™ and Corporate Travelers: Members booking as AAdvantage Business™ or contracted corporate travelers will also earn rewards.
  • Preferred Travel Agencies: Booking through selected preferred travel agencies listed on will qualify for earning miles and Loyalty Points.

Baggage Fees Adjustment:

  • Effective February 20, 2024, American Airlines is adjusting baggage fees for first and second checked bags for domestic and short-haul international flights.
  • Bag fees for domestic flights, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are now $35/$40 for the first checked bag and $45 for the second checked bag, whether purchased online or at the airport.
  • Bag fees for Canada and short-haul international flights are also updated.

AAdvantage® Member Benefits:

  • Complimentary Bags: All AAdvantage® status members continue to receive complimentary bags on American Airlines flights.
  • Credit Cardmember Benefits: Most AAdvantage® credit cardmembers receive their first eligible checked bag free on domestic American Airlines itineraries.

Additional Updates:

  • Pet-In-Cabin Fee: The pet-in-cabin fee for tickets purchased on or after February 20, 2024, is now $150.
  • Enhancements to AAdvantage® Program: American Airlines is continuously enhancing the AAdvantage® program to provide members with even greater benefits.

Save money on oversize and overweight items

American is introducing the lowest fee ever for checked items that are only a few pounds heavier or a few inches larger than a standard bag. The lower costs and simpler fee structure for oversize and overweight checked items result in savings of more than $350 for some customers.

Checked itemCurrent feeTravel on/after April 17
Bag +50–70 lbs.$100–$200+50–53 lbs. / $30
+53–70 lbs. / $100–$200
Bag +70–100 lbs.$200–$450$200–$450
Bag +62 linear inches+62–126 inches $150–$200+62–65 inches / $30
+65–115 inches / $150–$200
Items that are both oversize and overweight +50–70 lbs.$250–$400$30–$200 (one single fee instead of two)
Items that are both oversize and overweight +70–100 lbs.$350–$650$200–$450 (one single fee instead of two)

American is also reducing the oversize limit to 115 linear inches and will no longer allow javelins, pole vaults and hang gliders starting April 17. For more information, check


Recent Benefits Rollouts:

  • Reduced Mile Transfer Costs: Transfer AAdvantage® miles at a 66% reduced cost.
  • Wi-Fi Payment with Miles: Soon, members can use miles to pay for Wi-Fi on select flights.
  • Partner Upgrades: Redeem miles for upgrades with select airline partners.
  • Cancellation Flexibility: Cancel non-refundable Basic Economy tickets for a partial Trip Credit.
  • Same-Day Standby: Enjoy free same-day standby for earlier domestic flights starting March 1.
  • Extended Trip Credit: Members receive an additional six months to use Trip Credit when canceling travel online, starting March 11.

American Airlines remains committed to enhancing the travel experience and ensuring that loyalty with American goes further for its valued members.



Air India’s B747 Makes Its Final Journey, Waving Farewell to Fans

Air India's B747 Makes Its Final Journey, Waving Farewell to Fans

In a poignant moment marking the end of an era in aviation history, Air India’s iconic Boeing 747 aircraft, affectionately known as the ‘Queen of the Skies,’ embarked on its ultimate journey from Mumbai’s international airport.

The departure, bound for Plainfield, USA, where it will undergo dismantling and part-stripping under the ownership of American AerSale, signals the closure of a storied chapter for the airline.


Once revered for transporting dignitaries ranging from prime ministers to presidents, the Boeing 747 has etched itself into aviation lore. Yet, as airlines worldwide pivot towards more contemporary and cost-effective aircraft, Air India’s decision to bid farewell to its remaining Boeing 747s reflects the pragmatic realities of today’s aviation landscape.

The sale of these majestic planes to AerSale represents a strategic move by Tata Group, Air India’s new custodian, towards optimizing operational efficiency and embracing modern industry standards. Out of the four aircraft sold, two will be repurposed into freighters, while the remaining pair will be meticulously disassembled to salvage valuable components.


The final flight from Mumbai witnessed a touching tribute as pilots performed a traditional ‘Wing Wave,’ symbolizing the conclusion of the Boeing 747‘s distinguished service with Air India. This poignant gesture encapsulates the deep sentiment attached to the aircraft’s departure and its significant contribution to the airline’s legacy.

As the Boeing 747 embarks on its journey to Plainfield, USA, nostalgia permeates the air, evoking memories of its maiden flight on March 22, 1971. Over five decades, Air India operated a total of 25 Boeing 747s, each leaving an indelible mark on the annals of aviation history.

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Middle East

British Airways Resumes Daily Flights to Abu Dhabi, After 4-Year hiatus

British Airways Resumes Daily Flights to Abu Dhabi, After 4-Year hiatus
Photo: Wikipedia

British Airways made its way back to Abu Dhabi, landing at Zayed International Airport. Following a four-year break in service, both crew and passengers were greeted with enthusiasm.

In the summer of 2024, British Airways plans to launch a daily route, utilising a Boeing 787-9, from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi. The new route enhances ties between the UAE and the UK and expands  vast worldwide network, catering to passengers who may be visiting friends and family or travelling for business.


Arriving in Abu Dhabi at 08.30+1, flight BA073 to Abu Dhabi leaves London Heathrow at 22.25. Departing at 10.10 and landing at London Heathrow at 15.20 is the inbound flight (BA072).

The chief executive officer and managing director of Abu Dhabi Airports, Elena Sorlini, stated: “We are delighted to welcome British Airways to Zayed International Airport. Their daily schedule is expected to improve connectivity and stimulate travel and business.” Visitors may experience the dynamic capital of the United Arab Emirates like never before at our brand-new, award-winning, state-of-the-art terminal, where they will be welcomed with the best kind of Emirati hospitality.”


Flight schedule:

London Heathrow (LHR) to Zayed International (AUH)All times are local
SeasonFlight numberDeparting LHRArriving AUHFlight numberDeparting AUHArriving LHR
Summer ‘24BA7322:2508:30+1BA7210:1015:20
Winter ‘24BA7322:2509:30+1BA7211:1015:20

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FAA investigation: Passenger seated in Captain’s seat inside cockpit at cruising altitude

FAA investigation: Passenger seated in Captain's seat inside cockpit at cruising altitude

A viral video capturing a startling moment aboard a United Airlines charter flight from Denver to Toronto has triggered a federal investigation.

The footage, initially shared on social media by Hensley Meulens, the hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies baseball team, depicts a member of the coaching staff seated in one of the pilot seats while the aircraft was in mid-flight.


In his caption, Meulens expressed gratitude to the captain and first officer for allowing him this unusual experience. The video, filmed by another passenger, reveals the cockpit door open, and at one point, a third passenger briefly enters the flight deck. Alarmingly, during this time, the captain was absent from the cockpit.

Despite the flight being a private charter operated by United Airlines, company and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations strictly prohibit passengers from entering the cockpit during flight or leaving the flight deck unsecured.


United Airlines swiftly responded, expressing deep concern over the incident. A spokesperson emphasized that the video depicted an unauthorized person in the flight deck at cruising altitude with the autopilot engaged, constituting a clear violation of safety and operational policies.

The FAA confirmed that it is actively investigating the incident, highlighting that unauthorized access to the flight deck during flight is a violation of federal regulations. The agency assured that it is taking the matter seriously and will conduct a thorough examination to ensure compliance with aviation safety standards.

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