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Delta Airlines B757 aircraft loses nose wheel just before takeoff 

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On January 20, a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 faced a harrowing incident as it lost its nose wheel shortly before attempting to take off from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

According to US aviation officials, the incident occurred around 11:15 a.m. as the aircraft was preparing to embark on a flight to Bogota, Colombia. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) swiftly initiated a preliminary investigation into the matter.


Their initial report revealed that the nose wheel detached from the aircraft and rolled down a hill, creating a potentially perilous situation for the departing flight. Fortunately, all passengers on board were able to disembark safely, and there were no reported injuries.

Passengers were later transported back to the terminal via buses, as confirmed by the FAA. Delta Air Lines, the operator of the flight, promptly arranged for a replacement flight for the affected passengers, ensuring minimal disruption to their travel plans.


While the investigation is ongoing, the FAA has not yet determined the cause of the incident. Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, declined to comment on the matter and directed inquiries to Delta Air Lines, the entity responsible for the maintenance of its planes.