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We asked 12 questions to the Boeing 777X team at Wings India. Here’s what they had to say!

We asked 12 questions to the Boeing 777X team at Wings India. Here's what they had to say!

During our interaction with Boeing staff at Wings India 2024, we gained valuable insights into the upcoming aircraft currently undergoing testing. Our friendly inquiries prompted Boeing employees to willingly share information, answering most of our questions.

The experience included an informative tour of the aircraft, where Boeing staff provided us with special mementos, creating a memorable and appreciated gesture for our team. We are truly grateful for this enlightening tour and look forward to learning more about the exciting developments in this upcoming aircraft.


What are the longest routes flown by the Boeing 777X aircraft?

The Boeing 777X has undertaken some remarkable long-distance flights during its testing and promotional events. One notable instance was its debut at the Dubai Airshow, where it completed an impressive nearly 15-hour nonstop journey from Seattle’s Boeing Field to Dubai. This marked both the aircraft’s first international flight and its longest recorded flight at that time, as part of its thorough testing program.

During its participation in the Wings India Airshow 2024, the Boeing 777X accomplished an extended flight from Kailua-Kona (KOA) to Hyderabad, covering a distance of 12,786 kilometers in approximately 16 hours and 5 minutes. Throughout the flight, the aircraft maintained a steady altitude of 40,000 feet.


Another noteworthy long-haul journey was recorded during the Seattle to Singapore Airshow in 2022, further highlighting the aircraft’s endurance and capabilities. This flight was documented in the aircraft’s logbook as one of its longest flights.

While the Boeing 777 is advertised on the Boeing website with a range of 7,285 nautical miles (13,500 kilometers) under standard conditions, it’s important to note that during the testing phase, the aircraft was pushed to its maximum flight strength, showcasing its robust performance capabilities.

Will Boeing discontinue the B777-300ER and earlier versions of the aircraft?

Boeing has no plans to halt the production of the Boeing 777 300er and its earlier iterations. The company intends to continue manufacturing these aircraft as long as there is a substantial demand from both passengers and cargo operations for airlines. The future decision to phase out these models will be contingent on the sustained demand for the Boeing 777x series.


Once the Boeing 777x establishes and maintains a satisfactory level of service, and airlines express a growing demand for this newer model, Boeing may reconsider its production strategy. As of now, there are no imminent plans for discontinuation.

What is the maximum passenger capacity of the Boeing 777x aircraft?

The Boeing 777-10 can accommodate up to 550 passengers in its highest capacity configuration. However, this number can vary based on the preferences of the airline operators.


If airlines prioritize additional legroom for their customers and enhanced comfort, the seating capacity may be adjusted accordingly. As one of the largest aircraft currently in production, the b777 surpasses the passenger capacity of the a350 vs 777 aircraft.

What purpose do the wires in the landing gears serve?

The wires in the landing gears of the aircraft serve as connections to sensors that measure and relay various readings to monitor the aircraft’s performance. These sensors include heat sensors, vibration sensors, and various other types that provide data to the flight engineer on the flight deck.


During the testing phase, these wires, often colored in orange, are utilized for sensor testing. Once all testing is completed, these wires and sensors are removed, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the aircraft.

How many cameras are fitted in the Boeing 777x aircraft?

The Boeing 777x is equipped with multiple cameras, serving various purposes. Some cameras are dedicated to testing and are marked with red coloring. These are strategically placed underneath the aircraft to capture footage of the landing gears, tail section, and other areas. Additionally, standard cameras are integrated into the aircraft for operational use.

These include a rear horizontal stabilized camera positioned in the middle for monitoring landing gears and engines from behind, cameras on both sides of the wings, and another camera situated just behind the nose landing gear to observe its operations.

What is the cost of a single Boeing 777x tire?

While the exact cost of a Boeing 777x tire is not specified, it is known to be more expensive than the tires used for the standard Boeing 777 aircraft. The estimated cost is around $5,000 or more per tire. These tires are crucial components, playing a significant role in safely bringing the aircraft to the ground.


What is included when selling a Boeing 777-9 aircraft to customers?

When selling a Boeing 777x aircraft, the primary offering includes the airworthy aircraft airframe. Customers have the flexibility to customize the interior according to their preferences.

This customization involves decisions about cabin design, seat arrangements, livery design, and other interior elements. Boeing facilitates these arrangements as part of its customization services, allowing customers to personalize their aircraft’s interior to meet their specific needs and preferences.


Has Boeing sold any Boeing 777x aircraft to private jet companies?

As of now, there haven’t been any reports of Boeing selling Boeing 777x aircraft for private jet conversion. However, this could change in the future if there is demand in the private jet segment.

What is the size of the Boeing 777x windows?

The windows on the Boeing 777x are the largest among commercial aircraft. Comparatively, they are even larger than the windows on the Airbus A350. Similar to the Boeing 787, the 777x features auto-brightness features for the windows.

Provide a brief update on the latest features of the Boeing 777-9 compared to the Airbus A350.

The Boeing 777x is equipped with the largest commercial airplane engine, which is not only the biggest but also one of the most efficient, contributing to lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency.


boeing 777 vs Airbus A350 The wings are constructed with advanced composite materials, offering the longest wingspan in its category to reduce drag and enhance aerodynamic efficiency. A unique feature of the wings is the folding wingtip, allowing it to fit into standard parking bays.

The fuselage is also built with composite materials, reducing noise and vibrations and contributing to an overall lower weight ratio. The technology incorporated into the Boeing 777x is derived from the advancements in the Boeing 787, specifically updated for this aircraft, making it one of the most technologically advanced aircraft as of now.


How much is a 777-9 cost?

The price of the Boeing 777x aircraft is not officially disclosed, and we are not authorized to provide specific details. The cost of the aircraft depends on the airline’s order and their commitment to the purchase. Boeing typically negotiates prices with individual airlines based on various factors.

However, according to information from sources, the Boeing 777-9, the larger variant of the 777x family, is estimated to cost around $442.2 million, while the smaller 777-8 is priced at approximately $410.2 million. It’s worth noting that these figures are subject to change based on negotiations and other factors.

It’s also mentioned that Boeing offered significant discounts, up to 50%, during the initial phase of the launch in 2019. However, the latest price list for the aircraft at its market launch is not known at this time.


When the aircraft is prepared for delivery to the customer?

a majority of the testing phases have already been completed. Rigorous testing includes assessments of engine capabilities in various climates, landing gear functionality, and testing of flight instruments in harsh environments, among other features. Boeing works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure that all testing progresses satisfactorily.

For the Boeing 777x, with Emirates as the launch customer, the aircraft is expected to be ready for delivery by mid-2025. This timeline indicates that the manufacturing and testing phases are on track, meeting the necessary safety and performance standards before the aircraft is handed over to the customer.


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