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Air India to add over 4200 cabin crew and 900 pilots through 2023

Elevating Dreams: Air India Launches Cadet Pilot Program for Aspiring Aviators

Air India, India’s leading airline and a Star Alliance member, announced plans to hire over 4200 cabin crew trainees and 900 pilots in 2023 as the airline adds new aircraft and rapidly expands its domestic and international operations.

Earlier this month, Air India announced a mega order to purchase 470 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus to support its growth plans. It has already announced plans to lease 36 aircraft of which two B777-200 LR have already joined the fleet.


Air India intends to increase the fleet size by an additional 30 aircraft.(Opens in a new browser tab)

The cabin crew, who will be recruited from around the country, will undergo a 15-week programme imparting safety and service skills, and will be coached to exemplify the best of Indian hospitality and Tata group culture. The training program will include extensive classroom and in-flight training at the airline’s training facility in Mumbai as well as familiarization flights.


Notably, between May 2022-February 2023, Air India has hired over 1900 cabin crew. Over 1,100 cabin crew have been trained in the last seven months (between July’ and 22-January’23), and in the past three months, approximately 500 cabin crew have been released for flying by airline.

Candidates interested in a career as Cabin Crew or Pilot at Air India can apply on and respectively.


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