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Air India Pilot Refuses to Fly Plane After Emergency Landing in Jaipur

Passengers suffer on 16-hour Air India flight without a single working toilet

After making an emergency landing in Jaipur due to poor weather, the captain of an Air India flight from London to Delhi refused to take off again. According to reports, the Delhi ATC did give approval for the airplane to resume operations after around 2 hours of the emergency landing at Jaipur. However, the pilot declined to fly, citing flight duty time restrictions and duty hours.

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The incident happened on Sunday, June 25, when AI Flight 112 was supposed to arrive in Delhi at 4 am on Sunday but was diverted to Jaipur because of bad weather, according to the report. At the airport, more than 350 travelers were left stranded. Additionally, other passengers criticized the airline in videos they shared on Twitter for not helping them get to their intended destination of Delhi.

Air India responded to Adit’s tweet by saying that the airline is doing all possible to minimise the inconvenience given to customers. Adit responded by saying that the Jaipur airport workers had been “absolutely inept and incorrigible in providing us with any assistance.” He went on to say that the offer to people to travel by coach to Delhi is “absolutely damnable and ludicrous.” Adit asked Air India to coordinate with the Jaipur airport employees to get the passengers to Delhi as soon as possible.


According to reports, some passengers were taken to Delhi by a Volvo bus while others were sent by cabs after waiting for more than six hours. And, several passengers continued on the same Air India flight once a substitute crew was arranged.