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Why Flying is So Expensive..!?


As per a video by Wendover Productions, the expense of flying here in the U.S. isn’t a result of the fuel expected to get to and from a destination, it’s the straightforward certainty of working a plane that blows up the cost. While planes get frightful miles per gallon—most planes need around 1.5 gallons of plane fuel for each mile voyaged—it’s really a million diverse duties and different costs that make flights so costly.

That, as well as cash is expected to pay pilots, flight teams, air terminal expenses, upkeep, and that’s just the beginning, all adding to ticket costs; they’re all reasons why flights the nation over are frequently between $300-600 one way. It likewise relies on upon what time you fly, what day of the week, and in the event that it’s around a bustling occasion.



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Nepal Plane Crash: 18 Dead as Aircraft Crashes During Takeoff pilot survives

Nepal Plane Crash: 18 Dead as Aircraft Crashes During Takeoff pilot survives

On July 24, 2024, a tragic accident unfolded at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu when a Saurya Airlines aircraft crashed during takeoff.

The incident occurred around 11:00 AM local time as the flight, bound for Pokhara, was preparing for departure. The aircraft, carrying 19 individuals including the aircrew, crashed shortly after lifting off the runway. According to PTI, “at least 18 people were killed” in the accident.

The casualties included 18 Nepalis and one Yemeni citizen, all of whom were employees of Saurya Airlines, as confirmed by police. The aircraft was en route for technical maintenance at the time of the crash.

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Images released by Nepal police showed thick smoke pouring from the burning wreckage on the runway. Eyewitnesses, as reported by The Kathmandu Post, described how the plane flipped after its wing-tip struck the ground during takeoff.


The impact led to an immediate fire, and the aircraft subsequently plunged into a gorge on the eastern side of the runway. Rescue operations commenced swiftly, with police and firefighters arriving at the scene to control the situation.

The aviation authority confirmed that rescue efforts were initiated immediately, but the crash underscores the persistent dangers associated with air travel in Nepal. The country’s challenging mountainous terrain often contributes to aviation risks.

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The pilot of the aircraft survived the crash and was transported to Kathmandu Medical College Hospital for treatment, as reported by a doctor at the hospital who was not authorized to speak to the media.


In response to the incident, Tribhuvan International Airport, the primary hub for both international and domestic flights in Nepal, was closed as emergency crews worked at the site.

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