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President Zelensky of Ukraine wants to rebuild the An-225 Mriya to honour hero pilots.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky revealed his plan to build another MRIYA aircraft, dedicating it to the memory of pilots who died during the conflict, particularly during the defence of Mariupol. According to Ukraine Interfax report. 

He mentioned that there was once an intention to build a second replica of this unique aircraft during an online meeting with Ukrainian students on Thursday.


“We intended to construct it, but we required $800 million to do it. I approached Turkey’s President with a plan to establish the second MRIYA, but we were unable to secure funding “he claimed.

“But it’s not an issue of money in this situation; it’s a matter of ambition. Ukroboronprom, the Antonov team, approached us. This is about our country’s image and all of the great professional pilots who died in this battle “According to Zelensky.


He referred to them as “heroic folks.” “How much they’ve accomplished, and how many lives they’ve saved in Mariupol, particularly in Azovstal, we can already say… How many pilots lost their life to deliver everything, from weaponry to water, to the area? And how many wounded did they bring back? A considerable number of these individuals died valiantly “stated the President.

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“Building an MRIYA in honour of heroes’ memories is the proper state position,” Zelensky stated. MRIYA, the world’s largest cargo plane, was destroyed during the fights at Gostomel Airport in February 2022.

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An-225 MRIYA is an aviation behemoth that holds world records for the transportation of maximum commercial cargo as well as the longest and heaviest single cargo in aviation history.

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