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These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airlines 2022

The well-known airline survey website has announced the world’s best airlines today. After COVID’s first airline survey, the company made an important announcement in which it analyzed the various factors of the airline that have led to them holding the best position in the world due to their innovative products, passenger services, connecting routes, and, most importantly, safety factors.

These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

These Are The Top 20 Airlines 2022

Qatar has retained its top ranks in recent years. Air New Zealand has dropped to second place, with Etihad Airways in third place. For the first time, JetBlue is ranked among the top 20 airlines in the world. The majority of Asian and Middle Eastern airlines are mentioned in the top 20.

These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

Cabin : Air New Zealand

Qatar Airways was also named Best Business Class. “The airline’s Qsuite offers a first-class experience in business class,” Mr Thomas said. “Our judges rated it as the greatest overall business-class product they had seen.”

These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

Air New Zealand took second place in the Top Twenty Airlines rankings, Best Airline in the Pacific, Best Premium Economy, and Best Economy in the Airline Excellence Awards.


“Air New Zealand punches far above its weight,” said Mr Thomas. “Over the last 15 years, it has set the benchmark for airline excellence in so many areas.” Its Premium Economy is simply outstanding, setting the industry standard and providing the best value in the sky.”

These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

Singapore airlines cabin display

In addition, the airline has recently launched a massive makeover and new items that will be introduced in 2024.

Singapore Airlines was named Best First Class and Best Lounges for its innovative Suites product.


The six Suites in this beautiful cabin at the front of the upper deck of the airline’s flagship Airbus A380s are the size of modest hotel rooms.

Virgin Australia was named Best Cabin Crew, while Emirates was named Best In-Flight Entertainment.


This year, several new award categories were established, with winners including Etihad Airways for Best Environmental Airline, Korean Air for Best Cargo Airline, and Vietjet for Best Value Airline.

Qantas link was named Best Regional Airline for its remarkable service in Australia’s remote outback.

These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

JetBlue takes delivery of A321LR with the first Airspace interior

JetBlue (Americas), Turkish Airlines (Europe), Qatar Airways (Middle East/Africa), Korean Air (Asia), and Air New Zealand received awards for long-haul excellence (Pacific).

Southwest Airlines (Americas), easyJet (Europe), Jetstar (Asia/Pacific), and Fly Dubai are the best low-cost airlines (Middle-East).

These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

Qantas interior

Top Twenty Airlines 2022 also named its Best of the Best:

  1. Qatar Airways,
  2. Air New Zealand,
  3. Etihad Airways,
  4. Korean Air,
  5. Singapore Airlines,
  6. Qantas,
  7. Virgin Australia,
  8. EVA Air,
  9. Turkish Airlines,
  10. All Nippon Airways,
  11. Cathay Pacific Airways,
  12. Virgin Atlantic,
  13. Japan Air Lines,
  14. JetBlue,
  15. Finnair,
  16. Emirates,
  17. Hawaiian,
  18. Air France/KLM,
  19. Alaska Airlines 
  20. British Airways.

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