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The World’s Top 10 Airlines of 2022 – World Airline Awards

SkyTrax, the most reputable airline rating agency in the world, has selected the winner of the Award for Best Airlines for 2022 #Skytrax2022 #Awards #BestAirlines

The World's Top 10 Airlines of 2021 - World Airline Awards

SkyTrax, the most reputable airline rating agency in the world, has selected the winner of the Award for Best Airlines for 2022. Here is a list of the top airlines in the world according to passenger surveys.

No 1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways was recognized as the best airline in the world and took home three other honors, including Best Airline in the Middle East and Best Business Class Lounge Dining. The title of “Airline of the Year” was awarded to Qatar Airways.


Skytrax Ranking’s Top 20 Best Airlines in the World for 2022(Opens in a new browser tab)

No 2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, the top carrier, is once more in second place. Singapore Airlines’ commitment to providing excellent customer service has contributed to its success. Gourmet meals are available on the in-flight menus in all service classes, and everyone may take advantage of the airline’s cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system, which offers a large selection of films, songs, and games.


ANA named Global SKYTRAX Award Winner for Cleanliness, Services and Staff(Opens in a new browser tab)

No 3. Emirates Airlines

Emirates won three prizes at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022, including Best Economy Class, Best Economy Class Catering, and Best Inflight Entertainment for the 17th consecutive year. airline scores large in the category for economy class, demonstrating its commitment to improving each cabin and providing consumers with better experiences.


Emirates takes home three honours at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022(Opens in a new browser tab)

No 4. ANA (All Nippon Airways)

ANA received a total of three prestigious awards and repeat recognition from SKYTRAX World Airline Awards, including World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness, World’s Best Airport Service, and Best Airline Staff Service in Asia. SKYTRAX is recognized as the leading international air transport rating organization.


No 5. Qantas Airways

One of the best long-distance airlines in the world and an extremely powerful brand in Australia is Qantas. In terms of safety, operational dependability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service, Qantas has established a reputation for excellence.

No 6. Japan Airlines.

Twenty different countries are served by Japan Airlines’ 95 destinations. JAL, an airline with a storied past and a reputation for embodying the best of conventional Japanese hospitality is dedicated to giving passengers the highest standards of flight safety and unsurpassed excellence in all areas of service.


No 7. Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines has been listed among the top airlines in the world by Skytrax for the first time. Skytrax also honored Turkish Airlines as Best Airline in Europe at the annual 2022 World Airline Awards. At the presentation, Turkish Airlines also took home two other prestigious honors: Best Airline in Southern Europe and Best Business Class Catering in the World.

No 8. Air France.

In all of its everyday activities, Air France transforms the journey into a really enjoyable experience. In France, Europe, and other countries, Air France offers 1,500 flights every day. One of the top European air transport corporations was founded in 2004 by the union of Air France and KLM.


No 9. Korean Air

Korean Air has kept its position among the top 10 rankings. Passenger, freight, aerospace, catering, and in-flight sales comprise the airline’s core businesses. Korean Air is committed to delivering excellence in flight and has the vision to become a renowned leader in the global airline industry. Korean Air has a fleet of 169 aircraft that it uses to fly to 125 locations in 44 different countries.

No 10, Swiss International Air Lines.

The largest airline in Switzerland. Switzerland is connected to Europe and the rest of the globe thanks to SWISS, a premium airline that operates direct flights from Zurich and Geneva and has one of Europe’s most technologically sophisticated and carbon-efficient aircraft fleets.


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