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Regulator fines Air India $37,000 for unruly passenger incident

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Many travelers were outraged by the event in which a drunk passenger in Air India’s business class urinated on fellow passengers, and it also raised concerns about the airline standards. Now According to news from the Times of India. On Friday, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) fined Air India Rs 30 lakh for the drunken urination episode on board a flight from New York to Delhi, in which the airline disregarded its policies on dealing with disruptive passengers. The pilot-in-license commands have been put on three-month suspension.

DGCA says follow-up action to be taken after detailed probe into IndiGo plane’s engine fire incident(Opens in a new browser tab)


According to the information gathered here, the DGCA is conducting an inquiry on both ends after cases were filed by both sides. It was determined that the airline handled the incident improperly, causing the victim to experience the worst possible scenario. If the offender had been detained immediately after the offense, the case would have been treated correctly; however, it wasn’t until the victim complained that the matter was given serious consideration. Air India gets penalized for the mistakes after taking into account all the factors.

“On January 4, 2023, the DGCA was made aware of a passenger misbehavior incident that occurred on the AI-102 flight from New York to New Delhi on November 26, 2022. According to reports, a male passenger discharged himself on a female passenger.


The DGCA addressed show-cause letters to each of the flight’s pilots and cabin crew members, as well as to the accountable manager of Air India, the director of AI’s in-flight services, asking them to justify why no enforcement action should be taken against them for breaking regulatory standards. In a statement made public on Friday, the DGCA claimed to have investigated Air India’s written answer and the parties concerned.

Air India to take legal action and impose fine on unruly passengers, to charge Rs 5 lakh for 1 hour delay(Opens in a new browser tab)


“As a result, the following enforcement actions have been put into practice in this situation: Due to the violation of the pertinent DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements, Air India was fined Rs. 30 lakh. If the pilot-in-command of the aforementioned flight does to carry out his duties in accordance with Rule 141 of the 1937 Aircraft Rules and any relevant DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements, his license will be suspended for three months (03 months).

Air India’s Director-in-Flight Services was fined Rs. 3 lakhs for not carrying out her responsibilities in compliance with the pertinent DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements.”


The airline has already placed the passenger (Mishra) on its “No Fly List.” The director general of civil aviation has received a copy of the Internal Committee report from Air India, who has also informed other domestic carriers, according to a spokeswoman for the airline.

The national no-fly list, which is maintained by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), temporarily prevents rowdy passengers from boarding planes operated by all Indian carriers. Mishra is now only prohibited from boarding Air India aircraft.


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