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SWISS farewell to his last Avro RJ100


After more than 15 years in the service lines, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) today took leave of his last Avro RJ100. The ultimate representative of the fleet of 21 aircraft of this type took off this morning from Geneva to land a final officially at Zurich airport.

Immediately after landing on the Zurich tarmac, the plane carrying HB-Iyz registration was welcomed by a water fountain set up by the airport fire brigade and the frantic applause of many collaborators and fans of Aviation who attended the event. The special flight LX7545 code, also carrying journalists and employees of many other guests. “Check the latest landing Avro on our home airport was for me a very emotional event. The withdrawal of Avro aircraft type fleet SWISS puts an end to a whole part of the history of civil aviation in Switzerland “said the captain and chief Avro fleet Michael Weisser, who shared the controls for the ultimate flights from Geneva to Zurich with his replacement, Peter Huber captain.


The Avro RJ100 models and the slightly smaller version Avro RJ85 had made since the inception of the company in 2002 the backbone of the European fleet SWISS and have completed more than 700,000 hours of productive flight. During the same period, SWISS carried more than half a million flights with this aircraft produced by British AeroSpace (BAe). Because of their excellent maintenance and servicing, the now former SWISS devices are, despite their advanced age, aircraft benefiting from high demand and will therefore be implemented with other airlines.

Important fleet renewal


SWISS intends to continue the modernization of its fleet started in early 2016. By the end of 2018, SWISS will host in addition to its current ten Bombardier CSeries models 20 additional copies of this series to do the short and medium flights mail. The long-haul flights, however, will be provided by next spring, with two Boeing 777-300ER partially replacing the fleet of Airbus A340s. By the end of 2018, SWISS will thus have one of the youngest fleets in Europe.


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