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Student who flight tracks Elon Musk’s whereabouts says he will stop tracing with one condition.

Elon Musk’s location is being tracked by a student, who says he will quit tracking with one condition.

Student who flight tracks Elon Musk’s whereabouts says he will stop — for a price

Elon Musk‘s whereabouts have been being tracked by a student, who has stated that he will stop doing so if the Tesla CEO accedes to his demands.
A 20-year-old University of Central Florida IT major named Jack Sweeney has been following Musk‘s travels on Twitter under the handle @ElonJet.

To stop disclosing Musk’s whereabouts, Sweeney initially demanded a $50,000 cash reward. His demand has since evolved, and he now wants to fly in Musk’s plane, record the flight, and converse with the businessman about it.


“I would take it down if he allowed me to fly with him on his plane, video it, and talk about it – and perhaps even refuse to give me the $50,000 previously asked for it. That is still up for debate “The New York Post reported what Sweeney said.

Musk had made the teen a $5,000 offer to delete the account last November.  The offer was rejected by Sweeney, though. An nine, 35-mile trip from San Jose to San Francisco by the Tesla CEO recently drew criticism.


Sweeney described Musk’s quick flight this week to The Post as being “less than a day” in San Francisco. “However, it was challenging to determine because this was one of the flights on which he used PIA [Privacy ICAO Address, which conceals the name of the plane owner].

Sweeney’s well-known hobby is following the movements of private planes carrying celebrities including Tom Cruise, the Kardashians, a number of Russian oligarchs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk using public information gleaned from the Internet.