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Simorgh, Iran’s first transport turboprop, had its maiden flight.

Simorgh, Iran's first transport turboprop, had its maiden flight.

Today at Shahin-Shahr, Isfahan, Iran’s “Simorgh” tactical transport aircraft of IAMI / HESA (Iranian Aircraft Manufacturing Industries) successfully completed its first flight. The Antonov/IAMI IrAn-140-100 aircraft used for the prototype underwent six years of modifications to become the Simorgh.

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An Iranian light transport aircraft named HESA Simourgh was displayed on May 19, 2022. The aircraft can carry cargo or even troops and is a modified version of the Iranian IrAn-140 turboprop airliner, which was based on the An-140.

Iran’s HESA (Iran Aviation Industries Organisation) created the Simourgh light transport aircraft for a variety of civil and military uses. The Simourgh is made to offer safe and affordable transit options for both people and goods over shorter distances.


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The Simourgh light transport aircraft can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the needs of various missions thanks to its adaptable design. It has two turboprop engines, which gives it enough power for takeoff and cruising while maintaining fuel efficiency. The wings of the aircraft usually house the engines, and the low-wing configuration improves stability and control while in flight.


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The aircraft is 8m tall, 23m long, and 25m broad (with wings). It has a maximum speed of 500 km/h, a range of 3900 km, and can carry 6 t of cargo. Simourgh is suitable for carrying freight, including 463L standard pallets, light vehicles, and aircraft engines, as well as for carrying paratroopers or evacuating injured persons (it can accommodate 24 stretchers). For landing, a runway must be at least 900 meters long and 1450 meters for takeoff. 


In contrast to the IrAn-140, which has wings with a trapezius shape, this aircraft features rectangular wings to increase lift. The horizontal stabilizers also changed from being V-shaped to being entirely horizontal. The fuselage’s back has also undergone modification. But the cargo ramp that was added to HESA Simourgh is the most obvious alteration.


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