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“The Yasin Jet Trainer: Iran’s Answer to Sanctions and Self-Reliance in Defense”

"The Yasin Jet Trainer: Iran's Answer to Sanctions and Self-Reliance in Defense"

The completed prototype of Iran’s homegrown trainer jet was shown, bringing the country’s military forces one step closer to self-sufficiency. Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammadreza Ashtiani attended the inauguration of the aircraft’s production line as the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) Air Force welcomed the second “Yasin” advanced trainer jet.

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For the next phase of training its pilots for Su 35 aircraft, Iran unveiled the first Indigenius trainer aircraft. Despite Western sanctions, Iran is actively producing its own aircraft and developing its manufacturing capabilities.

 In an effort to overcome many of its challenges with educating pilots in both basic flight and combat. It was displayed next to a manufacturing plant, demonstrating that it was the last production version that will shortly go into mass production.


The Yasin is a twin-seater, single-engine aircraft that can be used for pilot training, advanced pilot training, and weapon delivery training. It has a maximum speed of around 1,000 km/h and a range of approximately 900 km.

The Yasin’s development is a significant step for Iran’s defence sector because it demonstrates the nation’s capacity to manufacture cutting-edge military equipment at domestically. Iran has been under international sanctions for many years, which has made it difficult for the country to import advanced military equipment from other countries.


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The Yasin is part of a larger effort by Iran to strengthen its military capabilities and reduce its reliance on foreign military equipment. It’s also a symbol of Iran’s technological and scientific progress and its ability to achieve self-sufficiency in various areas, including defense.

The Yasin is also said to be capable of releasing weapons. Yasin is also capable of performing combat missions. According to one report, the Iranian jet is also built to carry out additional military tasks like close air support (CAS). Experts noted that this variant is not yet ready for use as a weapon and would require further research. “If a CAS variation is still in the works, we will likely see the design soon.”
Also, According to military analysts, Yasin’s improvements enable it to train pilots for Iran’s upcoming shipment of Sukhoi-35 aircraft from Russia. Before possibly flying the F-14 Tomcat, the F-4E Phantom II, the Russian MiG-29s, or the F-5E Tigers, the jet can help pilots master the fundamental strategies and tactics of air and air-to-surface combat.