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Iranian B747  aircraft Part Of Plane’s Engine Falls Off In Mid-Air

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines fell off two-minutes into the flight.
The Mahan Air Boeing 747 aircraft – which was carrying 300 passengers – was on route to Bandar Abbas in Iran from Tehran’s Mehrabad airport when the third engine broke off during take-off and caused terror among passengers, local media reported.

The engine fell from the plane and crashed into a nearby field at around 7am this morning – but no one is thought to have been injured.
The fuselage of the Mahan Air jumbo was struck by the engine as it broke off – causing pilots to immediately return to the airport and make an emergency landing.
The plane touched back down at the airport in the Iranian capital at 7.15am local time.
Iranian media and social networks carried pictures of the crashed engine.

Airline pilot Patrick Smith, said: ‘A 747 can fly just fine with one of its engines failed.
‘In fact, by regulation, any commercial jet has to be able to fly following failure of an engine, even if that failure occurs at the most critical moment of take-off.


‘The hazard in this incident is that a substantial portion of the engine separated and, reportedly, struck the body of the plane.
‘Where the piece struck and what sort of damage it caused isn’t clear, but this, more so than loss of the engine itself, is the potential danger.’ (Data Source : daily mail)

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