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Qantas Takes a Stand: Flag Badge Incident Fuels Crew Standards Discussion

Qantas Retains Top Spot as Most Punctual Major Domestic Airline

In recent news, there has been a debate surrounding Qantas crew members wearing the Palestinian flag on their uniforms as a display of solidarity for the Palestinian cause. The airline, however, has taken a firm stance, affirming its commitment to strict regulations on crew standards.

After photos of the Qantas crew wearing the Palestinian flag badges gained attention online, the airline reportedly engaged in conversations with the individuals involved, particularly with Ms. Emma Ale, one of the stewardesses. Qantas clarified its policy, stating that staff members are allowed to wear flag badges only if they are fluent in the national language of the country.


A statement from a Qantas spokesperson emphasized that cabin crew are not permitted to wear any badges unless they are part of the approved uniform, such as a name tag. The airline emphasized its dedication to creating a safe and respectful environment for every passenger on board.

Following the incident, Emma Ale, the Qantas stewardess who wore the Palestinian flag badge, reached out for support in dealing with the person who reported her to the media. In a plea for assistance, she expressed concern about the potential impact on her career. Despite the ongoing situation and uncertainty about the future of her employment, she remains determined to fight against the individual who disclosed the information to the media.