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Qantas announces boarding adjustments and promises significant technological investment in its app

Qantas Retains Top Spot as Most Punctual Major Domestic Airline

The national carrier is transitioning from recovery to rejuvenation and growth, and the Qantas Group has revealed specifics on its strategy through 2030. Members of the Group’s Management Committee presented long-term strategies for the customer experience, sustainability, and its people during its first Investor Strategy Day since the COVID outbreak.

The Group also announced additional earning targets for Qantas Loyalty and Project Sunrise through FY30, as well as intentions to maintain FY24 profitability targets across all of its flying businesses.


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A new version of Qantas’ smartphone app, which will give consumers more control over their booking and enable baggage tracking while passengers are traveling, is expected to be released before the end of the year.


In order to increase on-time performance and better recognize members of its frequent flyer program, Qantas will also make changes to its boarding procedure starting in October. According to the modifications, Qantas passengers would board in groups according to frequent flier status and seat placement. To lessen traffic and the amount of time travelers must wait in lines, the organization is also thinking about altering the gate arrangement.

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  • Detail on the ‘right aircraft, right route’ approach that underpins the current network and supports new next-generation fleets arriving from this year onwards (A220, B787 and A320-family). With these aircraft come new routes, more comfortable cabins, less noise and less carbon emissions.
  • Plans for an overhauled Qantas app, launching towards the end of 2023, that will give customers more control over their bookings, the introduction of baggage tracking and better integration of Qantas Loyalty.
  • Changes to Qantas’ boarding process from October 2023 to improve on-time performance and to better recognize tiered Frequent Flyers, in response to customer feedback.
  • Plans to significantly expand the current range of redemption options for Frequent Flyers.
  • Continued investment in low fares, particularly by Jetstar, with around 10 million fares under $100 offered this calendar year and 5 million reward seats via Qantas Loyalty.

All employees receiving recovery benefits, including $11,500 in bonuses in FY23–24 and continuous enhancements to staff travel benefits. By 2033, there are plans to expand by establishing up to 8,500 operational roles in Australia to support new aircraft and more flying.

Introduction of A350 growth aircraft and Project Sunrise flying expected to deliver significant incremental earnings increase, reaching an estimated $400+ million EBIT per annum in first full year of having all 12 aircraft in service.