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Lufthansa Allows AirTags on Flights, Takes U-Turn on Previous Decision

#Lufthansa, the national airline of Germany, has stated that it will now permit Apple’s device.

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Lufthansa, the national airline of Germany, has stated that it will now permit Apple’s device on the flight after previously prohibiting AirTags on its flights. The airline acknowledged that “these devices are allowed on Lufthansa flights” through Twitter.

Lufthansa bans Apple AirTag for luggage tracking, says ‘danger to flight’(Opens in a new browser tab)


“The German Aviation Authorities stated today that they agree with our risk assessment that tracking devices in checked luggage with very limited battery and transmission power do not present a safety issue. Because of this, smart devices are permitted on Lufthansa flights, the airline tweeted.

AirTags were prohibited from bags by Lufthansa last week because they posed a risk to aircraft. The airline’s regulation, however, made no mention of this. The airline’s Twitter account was requested to confirm the ban after initial reports in German media.


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In one tweet, Lufthansa stated: “Banning activated AirTags from luggage as they are classified as harmful and need to be turned off.” When questioned more about the classification, the carrier responded, “In accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) criteria, baggage trackers are subject to the dangerous goods regulations.”