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IndiGo Unveils new connections between Delhi and Baku

IndiGo IndiGo launches direct flight from Bengaluru to Balidaily direct flights between Hyderabad-Bangkok

IndiGo, the most popular airline in India, is reaching new heights as a result of the exciting expansion of Baku into its vast network. Baku is now the 108th overall and 30th international destination in the 6E network as a result of this announcement. Starting on August 11, 2023, these upscale flights will connect Delhi with the mesmerizing city of Baku, Azerbaijan. Both business and leisure tourists will be able to enjoy amazing things through to these new flights.

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This declaration is a dream come true for die-hard Formula 1 fans in India, as Baku is an exciting hotspot that hosts one of the most captivating city circuit races on the Formula 1 schedule. Prepare for a smooth journey that will not only enhance your travel experiences but also strengthen diplomatic ties, promote economic ties, and spark active cultural interactions between two countries.

Growing bilateral ties between India and Azerbaijan highlight their unique relationship. This connection is strengthened even further by IndiGo’s new flights between Delhi and Baku, which promote deeper diplomatic ties and business ties. There is enormous potential for reciprocal expansion in the trade, knowledge, and technology exchanged between the two countries, particularly in the oil industry.


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The increased access to Azerbaijan is even more significant as India diversifies its energy sources. This cooperation goes beyond business as it opens the door for thriving cultural exchanges and improved interpersonal relationships. Stronger ties between India and Azerbaijan lay the groundwork for future cooperation, development, and prosperity for both nations.


Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via official website, The introduction of these flights will further bolster the airline’s international connectivity.