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“From Ground to Sky: Emirates Soars with Artisan Tea and Wellness Onboard”

On International Tea Day, May 21, Emirates will emphasize the sustainable origins, healing effects, and artful service of artisan tea onboard Emirates flights to 140 locations across the world, as tea consumption has increased by more than 10% in recent years.

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Emirates produces more than 33 million cups of tea annually for use by travelers aboard its flights, in addition to providing a variety of teas at its airport lounges across the world. Emirates offers a variety of 12 gourmet blends, including the energizing Original Earl Grey, the calming and stomach-settling Pure Chamomile Flowers, the healthy and antioxidant Sencha Green Extra Special, the calming Turmeric, Coconut, and Vanilla, the digestion-friendly Moroccan Mint, the energizing Breakfast Tea, and the Emirates Signature Blend, an upscale, master-crafted tea.

On board Emirates, the most popular tea in First Class is Moroccan Mint Green Tea, while Business Class passengers like Moroccan Mint Green Tea and Chamomile Tea, and Economy Class passengers choose traditional Ceylon Black Tea.

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Emirates has an exclusive partnership with Dilmah Tea, which explains that healthy, natural teas, particularly green and black tea, contain polyphenols like catechins and flavonoids that function as antioxidants and shield the body from free radicals that can harm cells and contribute to chronic diseases. Tea contains caffeine, which can improve mental clarity, focus, and attention. However, because tea typically has less caffeine than coffee, it offers a more moderate and lasting energy boost without making you dizzy, making it perfect for those who travel through time zones.



Qantas Announces New Non-Stop Direct Flights from Perth to Paris

Qantas Announces New Non-Stop Direct Flights from Perth to Paris

Qantas has launched new direct flights between Perth and Paris, reconnecting Australia and France for the first time in 20 years.

This new route reduces the travel time between the two cities by approximately three hours and stands as the longest non-stop flight to France globally.

Initially, the flights will operate four times per week during the busy European summer and the Olympic and Paralympic periods, before scaling down to three services per week from mid-August. This new service will provide an additional 75,000 seats between Australia and Europe annually.

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Perth will serve as the gateway to Paris for travelers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other major Australian cities. French tourists will also benefit from seamless connections to over 60 destinations across Australia, allowing them to explore the country’s natural wonders.


The flights will be operated using Qantas’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which is designed for long-haul travel. Passengers will enjoy large windows, high cabin humidity, and mood lighting to help them feel refreshed upon arrival.

To celebrate the new Paris route, Qantas has introduced several customer initiatives. These include limited edition Martin Grant-designed pyjamas with matching amenity kits and Neil Perry-curated menus for the Business cabin, featuring classic French dishes like Bouillabaisse of snapper and Skull Island prawns and a French 75 cocktail.

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Additionally, a special selection qantas movies list celebrating French cinema, including films such as Amélie and Midnight in Paris, will be available on the international inflight entertainment system throughout July. qantas inflight entertainment movie list 2024.

This route launch follows a significant agreement between Qantas and Perth Airport, aiming to expand the airline’s western hub. This agreement, along with the Group’s fleet renewal program, is set to add 4.4 million additional seats to and from Perth by 2031.

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