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Fraport and Lufthansa Establish “FraAlliance” Joint Venture

This allows Lufthansa passengers to see checkpoint waiting times in Frankfurt via the app

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“FraAlliance” is the name of a new joint venture established by Fraport and Lufthansa. Each corporation owns 50% of the new business. The two businesses want to enhance their long-standing alliance in order to improve services at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1 by using FraAlliance to strengthen their current cooperation on strategic and operational issues at Frankfurt Airport. The objective is to raise the caliber of goods and services offered at Frankfurt Airport.

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The joint venture aims to enhance customer satisfaction, business growth and operations, infrastructure, intermodality, and sustainability. Process analysis and optimization in terminal operations as well as a collaborative, customer-focused approach to product development are needed to make improvements. The objective is to improve flying processes and product offerings across the entire journey while increasing the airport’s competitiveness.

The joint venture seeks to improve aspects relating to business development and operations, customer experience, infrastructure, intermodality, and sustainability. Improvements are to be achieved by analyzing and optimizing processes in terminal operations, as well as by taking a joint, customer-focused approach to product development. The goal is to bring about a journey-wide enhancement of processes and product offerings for flights while boosting the competitiveness of the airport.


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One initial outcome of the enhanced partnership is the availability of real-time updates for aviation security checkpoints in the Lufthansa App. This allows Lufthansa passengers to see checkpoint waiting times in Frankfurt via the app, enabling them to take these times into account when planning their schedule and travel arrangements.


Both businesses contribute equally to the FraAlliance team. Dirk Schusdziara, formerly Senior Vice President (SVP) of Commercial Affairs at Fraport AG’s Airside and Terminal Management, Corporate Safety and Security core unit, and Jörg Harnisch are co-leading the new joint venture (previously Head of Lean Project Management & CoE Process Improvement at the Lufthansa Group).