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 Cabin crew sex ring is busted by cops after ‘bedding clients for £2,000-a-night’

 Cabin crew sex ring is busted by cops after 'bedding clients for £2,000-a-night'

An illegal sex ring reportedly operated by aircraft cabin employees who also worked as sex workers was discovered by Vietnamese police.

Following a raid where reportedly illegal sexual activities were taking place, several men and women were spotted being frogmarched out of an expensive hotel in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday night. According to reports, the ring’s participants were billing passengers up to $3,000 (£2,362) per night.


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The raid also resulted in the arrest of a 26-year-old woman who is suspected of being the ring’s leader. It is alleged that Vo Thi My Hanh, a member of the flight crew for Vietnam Airlines, gave prospective customers images of the women.


Ms. My Hanh was detained on suspicion of brokering sex services and prostitution, both of which are prohibited in Vietnam. Four individuals were discovered indulging in illegal activity in the room during the raid, according to a statement from the police department in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday.

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Officers carried out an investigation of the hotel on Le Thi Rieng Street in the Ben Thanh district of District 1, where they discovered four prostitution-related subjects in four separate rooms. All four were in their twenties: three were flight attendants and one was a model.

The four women asserted to being engaged by the suspect at the police station who sold them for sex at the hotel for $1,000–$3,000 USD. Currently, the situation is being investigated by the Investigative Police Department, City Public Security, and Criminal Police Department, who are strictly addressing it in accordance with the law.


“The Investigation Police Agency invites the suspect’s accomplices to come to the Criminal Police Department’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City to surrender and be granted leniency.”