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Boeing Forecasts Demand for 2.3 Million New Commercial Pilots, Technicians, and Cabin Crew in Next 20 Years

How pilots communicate with air traffic control.. ?

Boeing predicts that the industry will require 2.3 million new aviation professionals over the next 20 years to support the commercial fleet and accommodate long-term expansion in air travel, with the global fleet of commercial airplanes set to double by 2042.

There will be 2.1 million new commercial aviation employees worldwide in 20 years : Boeing(Opens in a new browser tab)


The company’s 2023 Pilot and Technician Outlook (PTO) projects that commercial carriers will need significant personnel through 2042 to support the global commercial fleet:

  • 649,000 pilots
  • 690,000 maintenance technicians
  • 938,000 cabin crew members.

Through 2042, the PTO projects:

  • China, Eurasia and North America drive demand for more than half of new industry personnel, with requirements in China surpassing North America.
  • The fastest-growing regions for personnel are Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia, with their regional demand expected to nearly double.
  • After omitting demand for Russia in last year’s PTO due to uncertainty in the region, this year’s forecast includes Russia in the Eurasia region, and it comprises 3% of global demand for personnel.

The PTO forecast includes:

RegionNew PilotsNew TechniciansNew Cabin Crew
Latin America38,00041,00049,000
Middle East58,00058,00099,000
North America127,000125,000177,000
Northeast Asia23,00028,00039,000
South Asia37,00038,00045,000
Southeast Asia58,00073,00089,000

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