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Air India rebranding: Airline Likely To Change Logo And Colour Soon 

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Tata-Owned Air India is about to undergo a much-anticipated transformation, revealing a new visual identity with a new logo and bold brand colors. According to reports, the historic moniker “Air India” will endure, protecting the legacy of the company. The orange Konark Chakra and a red swan have been prominently displayed in the Air India emblem since 2014.

The airline announced a forthcoming event on August 10 where a new era of transformation would be launched. The much-anticipated revisions will include a significant change in the airline’s strategy in addition to the visual components.


“Air India’s Iconic Maharaja Mascot: A Farewell or Rebirth?”(Opens in a new browser tab)

A new livery, a symbol of the airline’s refreshed vision, will serve as the primary focus of the rebranding drive. The upcoming livery will elegantly combine shades of red, white, and purple. While the traditional colors of Air India are red and white, the addition of purple will be inspired by Vistara’s unusual livery.


Additionally, According to reports, the Maharaja, Air India‘s well-known mascot, is likely to be sidelined in the new branding strategy decided upon by the Tata Group’s new management. Notably, the popular mascot’s rebranding is probably going to be revealed next month.

Air India’s Maharaja’retires’ his ‘queens of the skies’ after 51 years.(Opens in a new browser tab)


Air India no longer wants to connect the Maharaja with the modern era. The Maharaja will remain a part of the airline, according to the current management of Air India, which took over after the government sold it last year. However, the executives now believe the mascot most likely won’t play the same role. To enhance the airline’s branding, the Tata Group recruited McCann Worldgroup India, which is led by Prasoon Joshi.