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Air India Express Upgrades In-Flight Dining With New Gourmair Menu

Air India Express flight skids off runway while landing at Kochi airport

The launch of Gourmair, an in-flight dining brand with a variety of meals and snacks to suit various culinary preferences, has been announced by Air India Express (AIXL). Starting on June 22, 2023, customers of Air India Express will be able to reserve Gourmair hot meals on the co-branded website

Additionally, the company offers a wide variety of meals for different dietary preferences, including vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, Jain, non-vegetarian, and eggetarian options.


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Air India Express has teamed up with the chefs of renowned flight kitchens in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and India to further improve the dining experience. Additionally, it goes above and beyond to ensure that every meal provided on board meets or exceeds the highest standards of cleanliness, quality, and flavour.


Through the unified user interface on, passengers may pre-book their meals 12 hours before their domestic flight takes off and 24 hours before their international journey takes off. In order to give guests the choice to enhance their dining experience, complimentary snack boxes will be replaced with a longer buy-on-board menu with the launch of Gourmair.

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Each meal is prepared with the highest standards of hygiene and quality, an ethos of environmental and social responsibility, and a desire to set new standards in dining, in collaboration with the chefs of TajSATS, where a century of hospitality know-how meets decades of aviation acumen.