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A Flight to Freedom: How Qatar Airways Helped Save a Lion’s Life

Reuben’s Second Chance: From a Cage in Romania to African Wilderness

Imagine sitting in a small cage for 6 years. Would you rather enjoy life or give it up? One of the Lions was living alone in Romania and stopped roaring after being left alone in the cage with no other animals nearby.


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Qatar Airways assists this lion in living its second life by transporting it from Romania to an African forest where he can enjoy the rest of his life with other lions.


The CEO of ADI (Animal Defender International) Wildlife Sanctuary, John Kramer, in South Africa, took the initiative to bring these lions back from Romania. The entire purpose of this Sanctuary is to give back to these animals from circuses, animals who have never seen their native land, animals who have never walked on grass, lived in tiny cages bare balls, never had the sun on their backs, and all they’ve done is sit in a box to entertain humans and have never experienced anything of their natural life.

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The goal of ADI Wildlife Sanctuary is to give them back as close to the life they lost as possible, which is why they have such large habitats. The reason is that he was born in a privately owned zoo in Armenia, and the family decided to close the zoo and have the animals removed, leaving him behind. He’s been alone for 6 years, and he’s actually stopped roaring.

Qatar Airways’ Compassion Soars: Lion Rescued and Rehomed in Africa


They were out of options for a flight out of Armenia for Reuben due to the size of the crate and they didn’t know what they were going to do until Qatar Airways cargo stepped in and not only said that they would arrange the flights and bring in the special aircraft, but their We Care Programme paid for Ruben’s flight. They’ve been able to begin moving out and are so happy to get up Airways cargo for allowing Reuben to live the life he lost.

What they hope to accomplish for Ruben today in the habitat here is for him to hear the voices of other lions, and he will hear a lot of lion voices here, which will give him a second shot at life. The team is overjoyed because this battered Old Lion King will be walking on African soil for the first time, and the magic of him being back where he belongs, where his forefathers came from, and with his own kind again, but he will see them, hear them, smell them, he will literally be home, and he will spend the rest of his life in Freedom.


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