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What kind of aircraft Turkish Airlines will buy at the Paris Airshow 2023? It might purchase 600 planes.

Turkish Airlines is very near to place a big order with Airbus

Next month, Turkish Airlines is anticipated to place an aircraft order, which may be the largest one ever made by a carrier.

Turkish Airlines Chairman Ahmet Bolat revealed today that the company intends to place a significant aircraft order in June 2023, according to Reuters. The airline plans to purchase 600 aircraft in total, comprising 400 narrow-body jets and 200 wide-body jets.


Turkish proudly displays the airframe of its 5th Gen fighter jet TFx at its production facility.(Opens in a new browser tab)

His words caught several industry insiders and analysts off guard, but if confirmed, this order would be the biggest ever placed by a single airline in the history of the sector, surpassing Air India’s record purchase of 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft in December.


Speaking a few weeks before Turkey is scheduled to host airline executives from the International Air Transport Association, Bolat stated that the order will include 400 narrow-body aircraft and 200 wide-bodies, adding that the fleet would grow to 810 aircraft by 2033.

A deal with Boeing for a portion of the 600-aircraft purchase may be possible, according to Bolat. At this point, he chose not to offer any more information. According to Reuters, Bolat also suggested that “the other manufacturer” would receive the final portion of the aircraft deal at the June Paris Air Show.