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US Airlines and TSA Team Up to Streamline Travel with Face Biometrics

US Airlines and TSA Team Up to Streamline Travel with Face Biometrics

United Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking advancement in airport security procedures: the integration of ‘Touchless ID’ technology. This innovation, initially available for TSA PreCheck members at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), promises to redefine travel convenience and efficiency.

The Touchless ID system enables passengers enrolled in TSA PreCheck to breeze through security checkpoints by simply scanning their faces. By opting into United’s Touchless ID program through the airline’s mobile app, travelers can skip the traditional ID and boarding pass checks, streamlining their airport experience.

To participate, passengers submit their selfie biometrics via United’s app, where they scan their passports and add their Known Traveler Number (KTN). This integration not only expedites security procedures but also enhances passenger convenience.

United’s Touchless ID program is currently available for solo travelers aged 18 and above, while Delta’s program extends to groups as long as all members have opted in. When compared to Clear, a private expedited screening service utilizing biometrics, Touchless PreCheck is touted as faster and experiencing fewer glitches.


For travelers navigating the myriad TSA screening options, Touchless PreCheck serves as a seamless addition to existing security lines and Clear queues. By leveraging face biometrics, US airlines and TSA are spearheading a digital transformation in airport security, promising a more efficient and convenient travel experience for passengers nationwide.



Korean Air Rolls Out Next-Generation Business Class: ‘Prestige Suites 2.0’

Korean Air Rolls Out Next-Generation Business Class: ‘Prestige Suites 2.0’

Korean Air has introduced its latest business class offering, the Prestige Suites 2.0, set to make its debut aboard the airline’s new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner fleet.

This new product marks a significant upgrade from the previous Collins Apex forward-facing staggered seats, known as Prestige Suites. The Prestige Suites 2.0 is designed in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, ensuring each passenger direct aisle access and ample privacy.

The seats offer 46 inches of pitch, 21 inches of width, and can be transformed into a flat bed measuring between 78.2 and 79.2 inches. A standout feature of these seats is the inclusion of privacy doors that stand 52 inches high, offering a more secluded experience even when positioned closer to the aisle.

Tech-savvy travelers will appreciate the suite’s cutting-edge features, which include a 23.8-inch ultra-high-definition entertainment monitor, 60W USB-C charging, AC power outlets, and wireless charging capabilities.


Moreover, Korean Air’s Boeing 787-10s will be the first in the fleet to offer Wi-Fi, enhancing connectivity for passengers. The new business class seats come with a range of amenities aimed at maximizing comfort and convenience. These include a storage cubby, a handheld remote, USB-C charging ports, and universal outlets.

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The wireless charging pad is a notable highlight, reflecting the suite’s advanced technological integration. The layout of the Prestige Suites 2.0 comprises 10 rows of seats in a 1-2-1 arrangement, specifically rows 7-16 in the business class cabin. The cabin is flanked by lavatories and galleys at both the front and the rear, ensuring easy access for all passengers.

A striking departure from Korean Air’s traditional design, the new seats feature a bold brown color palette. This is a significant change from the airline’s iconic Morning Calm blue and bright white interiors.

The new design incorporates semi-matte deep brown side consoles with metallic tops, brushed coppery-almond cabinet doors, and textured tan interior shrouds, giving the cabin a modern and sophisticated look.


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