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Meet The Droneliner, the World’s Heaviest Pilotless Cargo Plane

Meet The Droneliner, the World's Heaviest Pilotless Cargo Plane

Droneliner is set to introduce a computerized cargo aircraft that could completely redefine air freight, thereby revolutionizing the aviation industry. This is a groundbreaking development. appropriately named the Droneliner, this cutting-edge system is built to remain in the air indefinitely, ushering in a new era of sustainability and efficiency.

The Droneliner offers a multifunctional platform that goes beyond traditional airfreight and is designed for same-day/next-day bulk cargo delivery worldwide. With its ability to handle both military and civilian containerized intermodal freight, as well as air-to-air refueling, military air-drop capabilities, and disaster relief missions, the Droneliner is a flexible solution for a wide range of global challenges.


Cost Efficiency and Reduced Emissions

One of the main advantages of the Droneliner is its ability to cut air freight expenses by over 70%, which makes it a financially viable substitute for sea freight. Airfreight is now a feasible option for a wider range of goods due to these cost savings, as well as a notable reduction in delivery time and emissions.

The Droneliner comes in two models, the DL200 and DL350, each with its unique specifications. The DL200, a single-engine cargo drone, boasts a 6,500-mile range, carrying 36-40 containers with a payload capacity of 160-200 tons. Meanwhile, the DL350, a dual-engine cargo drone, offers even greater capabilities with three decks, carrying 70-80 containers and a payload capacity of 300-350 tons.


The Droneliner is renowned for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness due to its low-cost modular construction and readily available components. The most fuel-efficient long-haul cargo aircraft available is this one, with to its ultra-low-drag airframe and emphasis on reducing drag.

In addition to its economical and environmental advantages, the Droneliner requires no pilots, contributing to a 90% reduction in handling costs. The innovative roll-on/roll-off freight system ensures a swift 1-hour turnaround time, making it hyperactive and suitable for both military and civilian applications. With a commitment to sustainability, the Droneliner achieves a remarkable 95% reduction in CO2 emissions, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious cargo transportation.