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Spicejet announces salary hikes by 55% for pilots ahead of Diwali

Ahead to Diwali, SpiceJet, an Indian airline, revealed a new pay scale for its pilots

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Ahead to Diwali, SpiceJet, an Indian airline, revealed a new pay scale for its pilots. The announcement comes at a time when some companies are freezing their hiring practices and terminating thousands of employees. Fortunately, in 2022, this hasn’t had an impact on the aviation sector. The recent purchases of Air India and Jet Airways by the Tatas and Jalan Kalrock consortiums, respectively, have improved the Indian aviation landscape.

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According to SpiceJet’s statement, for a total of 80 hours of flying, the pilots’ monthly salary will increase by roughly 55% ( Rs 700,000).

“Pilots now earn INR 7 lakh per month for 80 hours of flight time. SpiceJet has been increasing pilot wages on a monthly basis; the announcement from the airline states that the October 2022 salary was increased by 22%.


Beginning on November 1st, 2022, the new raise will be in effect. SpiceJet’s captains will now make more money than they did before the Covid acquisition based on the most recent pay increase. Trainers’ and senior first officers’ salaries have also “commensurately” grown.

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According to SpiceJet, the base salary for pilots has been increasing over time. While Captains and First Officers’ pay climbed by up to 8%, Trainers’ salaries grew by up to 10% in September compared to August. As of October, the pay rise for captains and first officers was additional 22%.



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