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Russian pilots to repair their own aircraft, official says

Russia’s transport ministry advised that a pilot should be knowledgeable about and capable of repairing their aircraft.

Russian pilot sentenced to six years in prison over 2019 crash 

Moment Russia began to invade Ukraine. The aviation industry, and particularly the airlines, collapsed as a result of sanctions the West imposed on Russia.

Russia is currently in a difficult situation and is doing everything in its power to maintain the system’s functionality. It has also started taking steps to defend its manufacturing firm, which produces planes for its domestic carriers.


however, the lack of pilots presents yet another difficulty. Recently, Russia’s transport ministry advised that a pilot should be knowledgeable about and capable of repairing their aircraft.

Russia prohibits its pilots from working for foreign airlines.(Opens in a new browser tab)


Pilots should simultaneously be both pilots and aircraft technicians, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“Together with the Ministry of Transport, we must train and certify pilots as universal fighters: they must simultaneously be pilots and aircraft technicians. And the equipment should provide for the possibility of field repairs in operation,” said Oleg Bocharov, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, speaking at the session “Air transport accessibility of the Far East in conditions of turbulence” as part of the Eastern Economic Forum. reports say


Boeing 787 aircraft exempted from GAGAN augmentation system compliance till 2025: Ministry of Civil Aviation(Opens in a new browser tab)

We are talking about pilots, primarily of regional aviation, for which a fundamentally new system for maintaining the airworthiness of new types of domestic regional aircraft should be created.


Simultaneously with the work to bring the Baikal to the market in the basic configuration by 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, according to the Deputy Minister, launched a number of works that allow improving the aircraft in operation and actually creating a constructor for the operator, when, depending on the type of aviation work, airlines could, together with their pilots, quickly modernize the aircraft for a flight – transform it into a cargo, cargo-passenger, passenger configuration and, accordingly, serve this whole story.

These Three Russian jets are competing with Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer models.(Opens in a new browser tab)


“In fact, at a new level, we are entering the same good old Soviet system, when more than 4.5 thousand aircraft were operated in the USSR. This is a very serious challenge – it is no less serious than the MS-21 and Superjet programs, ”said Oleg Bocharov.

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The pilot knows his stuff An airplane is repairing in the sky. He flies boldly over the earth, Making a flight.

Source: Telegram 


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