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Qantas preparing flights, New Zealand opens skies for Australia

Qantas preparing flights, New Zealand opens skies for Australia

Qantas preparing flights, New Zealand opens skies for Australia: On April 6, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in the press conference, New Zealand will allow Australians to travel to the country quarantine-free. The traveling is opening from April 19, before it was 2-week mandatory quarantine. Prime Minister added if the virus outbreak in either country, traveling may disrupt.

Under the new rules, travelers won’t be allowed to travel if they had a positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days or show symptoms. A special flight called “Green Zone” flight for travelers who are from Australia are only allowed to board. It will have crews that did not fly on any high-risk routes for a period of time. Flights can get canceled if any of the countries shows a virus outbreak.

Boeing 737 Max to be operated most of the world except one country

New Zealand’s hard work towards containing the Covid-19 virus is far better than other countries, the country recorded 2,531 cases and 26 deaths since the pandemic.

Australia was New Zealand’s largest source of international tourists before the pandemic. Both governments hope for reviving the tourist business.

Australia’s flag carrier Qantas would resume 120 return flights to New Zealand per week.

Boeing issued immediate response on 16 B737 MAX customers


Indigo’s Latest Milestone: Connecting Australia with 21 New Indian Destinations

Qantas Expands IndiGo Codeshares from Singapore

Indigo Airlines is a prominent low-cost carrier in India, boasting a market share of over 50%. It holds the distinction of being the sole private airline in the country offering a wide array of international connections. Notably, it has established code-share agreements with Turkish Airlines for European and United States destinations.

Furthermore, Indigo has secured additional gate access for its flights to Australia in partnership with Qantas Airlines. Qantas, known for its full-service offerings, collaborates with Indigo to facilitate seamless travel experiences, primarily centered around routes originating from Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi.

IndiGo Expands Codeshare Agreement with Qantas, Offering Access to 4 New Australian Destinations: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane. The partnership strengthens ties between India and Australia, aligning with the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement.

IndiGo customers can now seamlessly connect to Qantas flights between Singapore and Melbourne, extending the collaboration that began in 2022, providing access to 21 destinations in India for Qantas customers flying non-stop between Australia and India

Australia with 21 New Indian Destinations

IndiGo (6E) stands as India’s largest domestic low-cost airline and maintains a codeshare partnership with Qantas. Travelers can now book flights between Australia and 21 new destinations across India, utilizing Qantas codeshare flights operated by IndiGo.

Direct flights operated by Qantas
(between Australia and India)
Qantas codeshare flights operated by Indigo
(connecting destinations in India)
Melbourne <> DelhiAhmedabad
Sydney <> Bengaluru (Bangalore)Ahmedabad

India via Indigo’s extensive route offerings

Qantas operates non-stop flights between Melbourne and Delhi, as well as between Sydney and Bengaluru (Bangalore). These key routes provide gateways to a comprehensive network of destinations throughout India via Indigo’s extensive route offerings.

For special requests and services, passengers can benefit from the following options: assistance for unaccompanied children, medical assistance, transportation of medical oxygen, stretcher transportation, traveling with a guide or service dog, carrying child seats or bassinets, and transporting battery-powered wheelchairs.

Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt travel itineraries. Qantas acknowledges the inconvenience caused by delays and missed connections and offers the essential information to help passengers manage such situations.

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The QANTAS is selling 1,000 fully Stocked carts taken from Boeing 747

The QANTAS is selling 1,000 fully Stocked carts taken from Boeing 747: Qantas is opening its memorabilia storage shed to the Australian public, offering 1000 Qantas 747 galley carts stocked with a range of items from champagne and Australian red and white wine to Tim Tams, PJs and an exclusive-to-Qantas First Class Sheridan throw.

The bar carts were removed from the airline’s recently retired and much-loved 747 aircraft before they were flown to the Californian desert.

Qantas operated various incarnations of the 747 “Queen of the Skies” for almost 50 years before retiring the jumbo jet six months early as part of its response to the COVID-19 crisis. The farewell of the last Qantas 747 in July inspired an outpouring of affection and nostalgia from the Australian public.

Qantas Executive Manager of Product and Service, Phil Capps, said the airline wanted to offer up a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to own a physical piece of the 747 legacy, particularly at a time when travel was out of reach for many.

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“These pre-loved carts served Qantas and our customers well during their world travels from London and Los Angeles to Singapore and Santiago, with each one averaging around 2,000 flights. While we no longer have use for them, they still have life in them, especially for those with an appreciation for aviation collectables and an eye for design.

“There has been huge demand for Qantas 747 memorabilia and Frequent Flyers have expressed keen interest to convert the bespoke inflight trolley into everything from lamp stands to storage units. The fact they come fully stocked with some of Qantas’ most popular on-board service items will hopefully inspire some high-flying fun at home.”

Mr Capps added, “We know people have been ordering Qantas Wine to enjoy at home and our Qantas ‘iso care kits’ featuring the PJs sold out within hours.  The bar carts offer the trifecta of wine, PJs and a piece of aviation history.”

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The 747 half bar cart features:

  • A Qantas 747 half bar cart
  • 40 mini bottles white wine and 40 mini bottles of red wine & 1 bottle of Champagne from the Business class cellar
  • 2 Qantas Business Class amenity kit featuring ASPAR Travel Essentials
  • 1 Sheridan throw made exclusively for Qantas First Class made of 100% combed cotton
  • 2 Qantas Business Class sleeper suits M/L & L/XL (suitable for most shapes and sizes)

Half bar carts will cost $974.70 including delivery (or 169,000 Qantas Points). A small number of full size carts will be available with double the items for $1474.70 including delivery (or 256,000 Qantas Points). Delivery to metro locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth only.

The Qantas 747 carts will be on sale today via

Watch our youtube video on Qantas selling its stock.

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Qantas has selects the Airbus A350-1000 for ‘Project Sunrise’

Airbus A350-1000
  • Airbus A350 selected as preferred aircraft (no order placed)
  • Deadline for confirming delivery slots extended by one month
  • Regulatory support for ultra long haul routes, pending formal application
  • Discussions with pilots ongoing

Qantas is today announcing several important developments for Project Sunrise ahead of a final go/no go decision, which will now take place in March 2020.


After detailed evaluation of the Boeing 777X and Airbus A350, Qantas has selected the A350-1000 as the preferred aircraft if Sunrise proceeds. This aircraft uses the Rolls Royce Trent XWB engine, which has a strong reliability record after being in service with airlines for more than two years. Airbus will add an additional fuel tank and slightly increase the maximum takeoff weight to deliver the performance required for Sunrise routes.

No orders have been placed but Qantas will work closely with Airbus to prepare contract terms for up to 12 aircraft ahead of a final decision by the Qantas Board.

Airbus has agreed to extend the deadline to confirm delivery slots from February 2020 to March 2020. This provides additional time to negotiate an industrial agreement without impacting the planned start date of Project Sunrise flights in the first half of calendar 2023.


The last of three Project Sunrise research flights (New York to Sydney) will be conducted on 17 December. Once complete, Qantas will have almost 60 hours of ‘Sunrise flying’ experience and thousands of data points on crew and passenger wellbeing.

The data for crew will be used as part of final discussions with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to approve an extension to current operating limits required for these ultra long haul services. Based on detailed information already provided by Qantas on its fatigue risk management system, CASA has provisionally advised that it sees no regulatory obstacles to the Sunrise flights.


Industrial negotiations with representatives for Qantas pilots, AIPA, are continuing. The discussions are aimed at closing the last remaining gap in the Project Sunrise business case. Qantas has put forward a number of suggestions to AIPA on how the gap might be closed while still offering three per cent annual pay increases and promotional opportunities to its long haul pilots. Discussions centre on productivity and efficiency gains, including the ability to use the same pilots across its A350 Sunrise aircraft and the airline’s existing fleet of Airbus A330s.


Design of the customer experience for flights up to 21 hours continues, including new cabins across First Class, Business, Premium Economy and Economy. Research flights have underscored the importance of dedicated space for stretching and movement for Economy passengers in particular, as well as the potential benefits from re-designing the service on board to actively shift people to their destination timezone.


Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the national carrier’s support for Project Sunrise was stronger than ever, particularly after the success of recent ‘dry run’ research flights.

Singapore Airlines is now largest operator of A350, Qatar slips a position

“Between the research flights and what we’ve learned from two years of flying Perth to London, we have a lot of confidence in the market for direct services like New York and London to the east coast of Australia.

“The A350 is a fantastic aircraft and the deal on the table with Airbus gives us the best possible combination of commercial terms, fuel efficiency, operating cost and customer experience.

“The aircraft and engine combination is next generation technology but it’s thoroughly proven after more than two years in service. This is the right choice for the Sunrise missions and it also has the right economics to do other long haul routes if we want it to.

Boeing 737 Max to be operated most of the world except one country

“From the outset, we’ve been clear that Project Sunrise depends on a business case that works. We’ll only commit to this investment if we know it will generate the right return for our shareholders given the inherent commercial risks.

“We’ve done a lot of work on the economics and we know the last gap we have to close is some efficiency gains associated with our pilots. We’re offering promotions and an increase in pay but we’re asking for some flexibility in return, which will help lower our operating costs.

“Airbus has given us an extra month to lock in an aircraft order without impacting our planned start date, which means we can spend more time on hopefully reaching a deal with our pilots.

“Can I thank both Airbus and Boeing for the tremendous effort they have put into Project Sunrise. It was a tough choice between two very capable aircraft, made even harder by innovation from both manufacturers to improve on what they had already spent years designing.”

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